Jan 17, 2022

35 years of Street Fighter: a rant

The year is 1987, Capcom released a little game called Street Fighter. The game didn't make a HUGE impact in videogame history AT THE TIME. CAPCOM needed a sequel and another game was meant to be a sequel to Street Fighter. That game was Final Fight, formerly known as Street Fighter '89. Unfortunately, Final Fight, while successful, it didn't become the success Capcom wanted. 
The Behemoth that surpassed all expectations was the game that MADE Street Fighter the household name it is and the one TRUE King of Fighters. 

Street Fighter might have been born in 1987, its Baptism by Yoga Fire was in 1991.
I've talked about my attachment to Street Fighter stemming from 2 and other media... but I'm not here to talk about my love for Street Fighter 2.

Capcom has dropped hints of something coming in 2022, due to it being the 35th anniversary of Street Fighter... problem is that 5 years ago they DID a celebration and released ALL THE SPRITE BASED Street Fighter games. I'm a sucker for Street Fighter 2, but I can't see myself rebuying Street Fighter 2 again... (we should revisit this in 2023 when I comment how I bought Street Fighter 2 AGAIN... a Street Fighter collection and somehow they were able to add Street Fighter The Movie The Game)

But let's be Honest here: the only way they can Surpass the 30th Anniversary is:


Thinm about it: the 35th anniversary of Street Fighter would be the perfect spot to Release the first teaser trailer for Street Fighter Six! I don't expect them to release the game this year, but the announcement would be a nice way to celebrate Street Fighter...
Street Fighter Merchandise would be another way... preferably of the action figure variety.

Holy crap! I just had a crazy idea:
Ultra Street Fighter Alpha 3!
HD sprite art for Alpha 3 exactly like it was done for Street Fighter 2 when Ultra SF2 was released. The power of Saikyo in HD Glory!!

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