Jan 27, 2022

It came from the Toy Chest: Dr. Alan Grant


This MIGHT BE the final Amber Collection figure and it's depressing... I knew we weren't going to get Gerry Harding... The Veterinarian who was checking the sick Triceratops... also, father of Sarah Harding... Julianne Moore in The Lost World... who we aren't getting either. Don't get me started on Jurassic Park 3 stuff...
I need to get a JP1 Raptor and a JP3 Alan Raptor... but let's get back to Dr. Grant... you thought I was going to say Alan!!didn't you?
Muldoon: We should kill them all...
Hammond: The guests?
Muldoon: No, the Raptors...
Sattler:Wait Raptors as in Veloci?
Muldoon: Yeah, those sumbitches are crafty.
Grant: Holy Mother of God...
Hammond: Technically, Daughters of bitches,  Robert...
Malcolm: *Goldblum mating noises*
Muldoon: Can someone tell Brundlewank to stop yanking it. These Velociraptors are super horny!
Grant: Liar! Velociraptors have no horns!
Sattler: Who dropped yogurt on my legs...
Malcolm: *Horny Goldblum noises*

Doctor Alan Grant is a Paleontologist who is hired by John Hammond to get an endorsement for Jurassic Park. Alan Grant (in the movies) hates children. In the novel, he likes them... in this toyline, well Mattel screwed us over and gave us no kids... they also screwed over Martin Ferrero, but that's a different story. NES??? Well, Let's say that Dr. Grant is more like The Doomguy on an Easter Egg hunt while blowing up Dinosaurs left and right.

Everyone and their mother praise the OG Genesis game, but MY JP experience is with the NES version.
A 70s movie inspired poster with a tribute to the NES game hidden in plain sight.

We have seen the male body in action. Grant offers no real difference in articulation in comparison to Malcolm or Muldoon. Diverticulitis and he has it works for most of the Dr. Grant themed displays. Sadly most of them require a Lex and a Tim which we do not have. 
Grant: Say Alan! one more time... I frigging dare you!
Valerie: Wait is that grandpa Clyde's tiny claw?
Susan: Holy crap! It is!!

Paint and sculpt 
He doesn't look like Sam Neil circa 1990. He looks like a 1989 concept of a  40+ year old Michael J Fox. Other than that the figure looks pretty good. There are no issues with the paint on my figure luckily. 
Sattler: Look at me! I'm on a motherfucking dinosaur!!
Malcolm: Why, uh, why am I not uh, allowed to ride, Rode Sattler, with uh, Sattler?
Sattler: Suck it, Crisp Rat!!

Extra head sans hat
Removable glasses
Flare (same as Malcolm)
Extra gripping hand
Fossilized Velociraptor Claw grip hand.

He has plenty of accessories, but Muldoon spoiled me with the idea of a removable hat.
I mean, I can use his glasses as a prop but not his head which was a much more important accessory to the character.

Doctor Grant gets a 4.67 as his final score. The articulation and likeness issues are what kept the figure from scoring higher. It's a shame that Mattel cut the line short before completing at least the core roster from the original movie.
Mattel killed the line, Deal with it!!

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