Jan 23, 2022

What's going on with Italy and Tifa? Kinda NSFW

 Everybody is going on and on about Tifa and the Italian Senate... to the Internet!!

Oh? Oh... Oh!

The Italian Senate was on a Zoom call, when they get interrupted by a porn clip of Tifa being ridden like a Chocobo... Now I get all those Italian Senate jokes.

Censored pic after the jump. Don't click while at work or on public transportation.

This is one of the weirdest bits of news I've had read in the past few months.

This event is not only weird because of WHY Final Fantasy VII was possibly chosen as the "hacktivist's" tool of criticism, but for the extreme "apparent randomness" of it. The Pope got a performance of Megalovania recently as well.

This is apparently based on MatPat from Game Theorists giving the Pope a Steam Code for Undertale a few years back.

It seems that activists are using videogames or videogame inspired material as a weapon to criticize wrongs made by their elders. The effect this will have is probably not the one they want... Oy!

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