Jan 25, 2022

It came from the Toy Chest: SHOOT HER! SHOOT HER!!


Big ass reference to Jurassic Park's opening scene...

My original plan was to save this review and the upcoming Alan Grant review for the Advent calendar. Sadly, the news of Amber Collection being dead, pushed the reviews a lot sooner. I was hoping that Mattel would have released a Donald Gennaro figure so I could have made a recreation of the T-Rex scene in the night thing. Malcolm with the flare, T-Rex eating Gennaro... Well, that ain't happening now.

This clip also has the cattle prod that they gave to the action figure, because guns are bad, mmkay?
Cattle prod or SPAS-12 Shotgun?
Which do you prefer?
My choice is SPAS-12 all the way.

Robert Muldoon was the game warden of Jurassic Park. He often butted heads with Hammond on the topic of Velociraptors. In the movie universe he dies... like Gennari. In the book he lives, like Gennaro. Malcolm and Hammond died in the book, but survived in the movie... Malcolm's survival forced the book to be retconned. Getting off topic, let's talk Muldoon:

Muldoon sports the standard JP Amber Collection articulation. Due to his clothing is articulation is very similar to talk to Sattler... but in a male body, of course. Unlike my Sattler figure, Muldoon has full range waist articulation. He has slightly better ankle articulation since they made the boots in two parts, but I believe the better articulation was accidental.
Muldoon: What in the hell is she doing?
Susan: That's Valerie, she's a nympho and is often getting herself off...
Muldoon: Clever girl...
Susan: Damn straight!

Paint and sculpt
Muldoon looks nothing like Bob Peck. The figure kind of looks like a crossover between Christopher Eccleston and Pee-wee Herman. Paintwise he fares pretty well except on the eyes. The "clever girl head" has a slight case of derp eye... but the issue is that the tampos for the eyes look off.
Muldoon: What are you doing?
Susan: What does it look like?
Muldoon:Like you're raping me and the other velociraptor...
Valerie: *ahem!*
Muldoon: Valerie the Velociraptor gets to watch...
Valerie: That's  be... waitaminute! What does it mean that I get to watch!? SUSAN!! This wasn't part of the deal!
Susan: Shut up, Valerie!
Nefty: there once was a site full of JP erotic fanfics with dinosaurs having sex with humans. The site is long gone now.

Extra Clever Girl head
Extra hands
Cattle prod
Removable hat

The removable hat makes me wish that Hammond and Grant had removable hats.
The lack of SPAS-12 Shotgun is a huge disappointment... luckily I found a French Ebay seller that had SPAS-12 SHOTGUN in 1:12 scale, PERFECT for Jurassic Park figures.
Part Chris Eccleston part Pee-wee Herman...

Muldoon gets a 4.33 as his final score. His score would have been a little bit higher had he had gotten his SPAS-12 Shotgun. I kinda understand why they didn't... I mean it's not as horrible as McFarlane giving Jason Todd Gun Fingers, but it kinda sucks that I had to spend more money on French Third party items... it's not a slight against France as a country, my issue is that I had to pay for more shipping since the item came from the old world to the new world.

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