Jan 11, 2022

Wait... The Netflix Rebelde is a Sequel to the Mexican Rebelde?

 Which was an absurd appropriation of an Argentinian Telenovela. Holy ass crackers!! The Netflix series is a "gritty sequel" like Peacock's Saved By The Bell, which I haven't seen due to a lack of Peacock.

I only watched like 3 minutes of it before I started ranting because it bitchslapped me with the revelation. Back when I was in college, about 20 years ago, Televisa, a huge Mexican Network dropped Rebelde upon a mostly unsuspecting Latin American Audience... bunch of hot 20-something Mexican girls pretending to be 15-17 while parading in Private school uniforms with those short short skirts and many low camera shots... any more fan service and it would be an anime. So, the premise was a group of teens from different backgrounds join together for their love of music and become an underground band in the oppressive Private School. There's some crazy shit like one of them being an adult pretending to be a teenager looking for revenge, but ends up befriending the man he wanted to have his revenge, and dates his daughter. There's the son of a corrupt politician who always gets his way, but he rebels against his father for the music. There's a secret society who haze and harass freshmen, especially the poorer students who are studying there thanks to scolarship programs. Some of the faculty were members of this group, La Logia it's crazy. Even the Principal's daughter is involved with La Logia and one of the teachers stops her from committing a school shooting.

So, the Netflix Series is a "15-ish years later" sequel and it starts with the newest version of La Logia harassing freshmen. The series does a Few Hours Ago flashback, when we discover that one of the girls is a popstar and that She's the daughter of Pilar Gandía, the almost School Shooter member of La Logia, also the daughter of former Principal Pascual Gandía... My brian shorted out when it realized that the actress playing older Pilar is the same who played Pilar 20-something years ago... and now one hour later my brain is digesting everything...

By these three minutes I just watched, my body is most definitely NOT Ready... the TV-MA rating and promises of nudity worry me. Telenovela Rebelde was a huge cocktease and I don't know how to feel about the promise of Actual Nudity (20:1 odds that it's gonna be some dude's ass) it's 2022 female nudity is sexist and bad. I-I don't know what to expect. Will we see more of the old cast? Welp! Another excuse to NOT watch Witcher Season 2 after the awful death of Eskel who wasn't supposed to die...


Saw the rest of the first episode... it has potential, but it feels a bit more grounded and some of the best parts of Rebelde 00s were very outlandish... also some of the cringiest parts as well. I won't comment much about it here, because the Venn Diagram of Rebelde fans and fans of the stuff I normally comment on has VERY LITTLE overlapping and the reason for the microscopic overlapping might be me.

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