Jan 23, 2022

Microsoft is trying to buy Activision: a rant

 Recently, Activision was bought is in the process of being bought by Microsoft. Most of the reactions were negative and with good reason. Some people still have flashbacks of Microsoft buying Rare and how Rare went down the shitter afterwards. 

They bought Bethesda and all they have done is put Bethesda games on their gamepass. There are rumors of a new exclusive IP for XBOX but not much.

Now they have most likely will have Activision. The same Activision that was hit with a sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuit that led to a walkout by employees after the company started firing people from one of its smaller studios in unrelated issues. Microsoft spent nearly 69 BILLION dollars to inherit that mess. That's not mentioning how most of the Activision brands have been doing worse than earlier years...
Call of Duty hasn't been doing great in recent years...
Crash Bandicoot only had good games back when he was a Naughty Dog game.
Tony Hawk... do we need to point out that everything after Tony Hawk's Underground 2 has been absolute shit?
Spyro... has there been a good Spyro outside the original PlayStation? Back when the games were made by Insomniac...
The only IPs that Microsoft could benefit from are Overwatch, Diablo, and Call of Duty IF they force Activision to make good games instead of yearly shovelware that only sells by its name.

But my issue with this is the approach that Microsoft has taken. Yes, SONY has exclusives and has bought some studios, but most of the deals are timed exclusives and not buying companies  entire publishers for a single IP. Capcom can still release games on all consoles despite having an exclusivity contract with SONY for STREET FIGHTER V. They also have first dibs on games like Final Fantasy VII Remake, but KH3 is Multiplatform. 

Before I continue, I must point out that I have had worked with what was once known as the Sears Holdings Corporation, it's super low on the corporate ladder... it's  so low that I shouldn't even mention it. In fact, I'd say it's so low that the runner stopper that keeps the ladder from scraping the floor is at a higher level than I am, but I must point it out for the sake of transparency. The approach Microsoft is taking reminds me of the time that KMart bought Sears. We all know how that situation ended up. We also have seen how well Rare did after the Microsoft buyout, same with Bethesda. This COULD Backfire big time. While I'm NOT a Microsoft Fan, healthy competition is needed for the sake of innovation. Also, I feel like they paid way too much. 

Of course, the rumor mongers have taken this opportunity to pit sticker prices on companies lke Ubisoft or Rockstar Games. If these rumors are true, this would be horrible for the industry, because Monopolies create stagnation and kill Innovation. 

Meanwhile, Nintendo is going to Nintendo.

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