Aug 15, 2022

A Candy ass Jabroni who doesn't know his role is why Black Adam and Shazam will never cross paths on the DCEU.

 Despite Black Adam being the main enemy of Shazam. Of course, the candy ass jabroni that doesn't know his role that I'm talking about is none other than:

It doesn't matter what his name is! The People's Chump is such a prima donna that he specifically chose the role of Black Adam, fundedmost of the movie, only to bitch about people wanting him to fight the guy from Tangled. Claiming that the fight would be a disrespect towards the character.

First he bitches and moans about the pointy ears of Black Adam and forces WB to make him look like The Rock... 
The People's Chump needs to get a wig like this and pointy ears to properly play Black Adam.

Why does it feel that this is The Rock being a little bitch and keeping his WWE mentality on film and think that he's jobbing to Zachary Levi?

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