Aug 19, 2022

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe season 3 dropped yesterday and

 Eeeh! It exists... I had completely forgotten that Merman was George Takei... and he says the thing... what thing? You know the thing...

So, basically, Skeletor and Rule 63 Ram Man are teaming up since he's now a voice in her head. Now they have the power to summon zombie Snakemen... they did the Snakemen dirty. They're using them to search for... something that I'll spoil after the jump.
As I was saying: Skeletor wants to come back to life using King Grayskull's body. Merman happens to be the Keeper of Grayskull's grave.

We also learn that King Grayskull was seduced by the Dark side and that the Sorceress... or as they call her here Eldress, killed Grayskull to save Eternia. Also, Kevin Conroy is Hordak AND Evil-Lyn's daddy.

Setting up the Horde invasion angle... I remember the last He-Man series that tried that... No! Not Revelation... I gues I should've said the last GOOD He-Man series that tried that... it got canceled before properly doing the Horde invasion angle.

I felt whelmed. Was it a GOOD adaptation of He-Man? No, but it was a far more enjoyable show than whatever Kevin Smith did. It actually had He-Man in every episode and the characters were likable, DESPITE all the horrid changes done to them... Man-at-Arms I'm looking at you...

How I would love to see a Classic He-Man show but with enjoyable characters like this cartoon.

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