Aug 16, 2022

Thundercats are almost done and not a single Lunattak in sight...

 What's the point of having Lynx-O, Pumyra, and Waluigi if there are no Lunataks?
We have things that come with Waluigi that are references to things with Lunataks, like the red hot reforged Sword of Omens... still no Chilla or Alluro, which are the easiest to make of the Lunataks... the worst part of this is that Waluigi is Already reaching people's hands... like Mine!!
Tygra: I know that this is my punishment for doing drugs at The Garden of Delights, but why Am I stuck with Waluigi here?
Waluigi: For the Umpteenth time, my name is Bengali!!
Tygra: Whatever, Waluigi!!
Waluigi: By insultimg me, you're also insulting yourself, since LUIGI NUMBER TWO!!
Tygra: Shut your whore mouth, Waluigi! Luigi doesn't say that!!
Waluigi: But it is implied, every time Mario says, Mario Number One!!
Tygra: By Jaga! Waluigi is right!
Jaga (VO): Don't get me involved in this shit!!

Tygra is going to be reviewed for the Advent 
Calendar and I might do Waluigi as a normal it came from the toy chest, not sure if I'll finish off the Thundercats gor Advent Calendar or speinkle them, but my point still stands... We only have Snarf and the Thunderkittens left to finish off the Thundercats. Super7 could always do some LJN padding scam waves, but those are bullshit. What will they do for the Thunderkittens? They can't be a ripoff like the Disney Ultimates Alice... just to name a smaller character with a $55 pricetag...
Those of us who kept the Few Mattel Thundercats are literally a Snarf away from completing a Core Thundercats collection...
Think about it combining Mattel's offerings with Super7's we FINISHED the Thundercats minus Snarf, plus we already have Mumm-Ra, Ma-Mutt, and the CORE Mutants (Slythe, Jackalman, Vultureman, and Monkian) 

I know they tried to pad the releases by tossing in things like Pumm-Ra, Captain Saltine American, and others... but now they have no real rivals to sell Lunataks in waves...

I want to whine about LJN Mumm-Ra not coming with a repainted Ma-Mutt while getting a price hike, but I missed my chance... better get ready for today's potential TMNT wave announcement....

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