Aug 22, 2022

Hasbro finally remembered Dino Thunder

 Lightning Collection has been a blessing for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fans. They got the Rangers, main bad guys, and key Monsters...
 Other eras haven't been as lucky.  I believe only In Space has been the only series that has received nearly as much attention as Mighty Morphin. Dino Thunder has been on limbo for quite some time, which is funny since it is a really small line-up in comparison to other Ranger eras. 
5 rangers 3 main villains... and we already got 3 rangers:
DT Red, DT Blue, DT White.
All we need is: DT Yellow, Mesogog, Elsa, Zeltrax, and Tommy Oliver.

Well, Hasbro announced that for 2023 we'll be getting Kira the Yellow Dino Thunder Ranger...
It's been ages since we saw a Dino Thunder release. Now all I need is Mesogog, Elsa, Zeltrax, and Dr. O... AND I wouldn't be surprised if we get a clear Dino Thunder Black Ranger variant.

They did a decent likeness to Emma Lahana circa the first few episodes of Dino Thunder. I need to be on the lookout for her.

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