Aug 16, 2022

Genghis Frog has been teased for TMNTU Wave 8:

 Let the Speculation begin! Genghis was in NONE of my straight after Wave 7 reveals Wave 8 speculation post. I'm 97% sure that it is Genghis... but I predicted him on this post from 2021 before Wave 5 was revealed. And I placed him in wave 8, which is the craziest coincidence.

The Body Board shares the pattern on Genghis Frog's shirt.  In a few hours, we'll find out the truth... as always, here goes a Mandatory "Super7 seems to be spreading themselves a bit too thin by pumping out too many figures in a row". Now to this I will add the traditional "How many waves are up in the air right now?" We should've gotten at least 2 out of the multiple waves announced before offering another".

Just in case here are the MIA waves

Wave 5 (Krang, Leatherhead, Ray Fillet, Leo the Samurai)

Wave 6 (Scratch, Slash, Mousers, Ace Duck, Surfin Mike)

Wave 7 (Metalhead Mike, punk Don, Triceraton, Robobop, and sgt. Bananas)

FIller wave of overpriced redecos (GITD Turtles)

Single overpriced redeco wave (GITD Foot Soldier)

That's literally 5 "waves" of figures up in the air and now they tease an 8th wave. Or $1,115.⁰⁰ without counting the 5 shipping charges and taxes. I feel bad for the completists. That's not counting le wagon de fête... at least Thundercats fans are all caught up (aside El Tanque Felino)

Then less talk and more Wave speculation:
I will only do 4 figures since we know Genghis is the fifth. As always, I'll Drop a little tagline or long-winded explanation for each choice.

I think I'll go with the 3 list approach:
What I want. What I'd expect. What I'd hate to see.

What I'd like to see:

I understand that there are bad guys who have higher priority, like Krang's Android body, Super Shredder, or Tokka and Rahzar. Believe me, I want them too for roster completion. But as I've stated multiple times, I freaking LOVE Pizzaface. I would be really sad if the line ends without Pizzaface.

It's really obvious why she's here. I do have a soft spot for Toon TMNT stuff and since Targets are non-existent in Puerto Rico, well the NECA figure has evaded me. Even with her garish vintage toy colors, it's still Irma...

General Traag:
I've mentioned my dislike for this version of Traag. Problem is that he's one of those "I had him as a kid" figure. While I may feel eeeeh... about him, it could change once he's in-hand... especially if there's a second head that looks less goofy. 

Raph the Space Cadet:
I still stand that This should've been Donnie's disguise, but the I had him as a kid is pushing hard for him.

Now for the ones I'd expect:

Currently, I'm neutral about him, but something in my bones is suggesting that he's a candidate.

Usagi Yojimbo:
Sadly, he will be the armored version... because back in the 80s the armored look was considered more toyetic than the normal look. Then again, Splinter was sleeveless in the 80s line.

Super Shredder:
When in doubt, copy NECA's roster... Here, they could go one of 2 ways:
Mimicking the Vintage line or go "True to scale" like NECA. A HUGE part of me wishes they stay true to scale and give us a Mumm-Ra sized Super Shredder. My wallet not so much. But it had a crazy idea on Super Shredder: 
Using the MOTUC Body for Super Shredder! It keeps him "vintage accurate"

Heavy Metal Raph:
The only reason I mention this varoant is to justify the Previous wave's Punk Donatello.

Now what I'd HATE to see:

He's not that bad, but he's not exactly a top tier figure...

Doctor El:
Because the Universe hates me, that's why. Wonder if he'll cause a Twitter Meltdown.

Because nothing says "Fuck you, Nefty!" like reminding me of a few things:
My Mom is dead, this movie exists, RC cola is the best soda but it's harder to find.

Make My Day Leo:
The excuse is that they already made a Raph variant *exclusive to BBTS) So the 4 Turtle cycle begins anew. I was tempted to put in Bandito Bashing Mike, but that would be overkill with Doctor El and Walker.

I have to wonder how many will I guess...

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