Aug 17, 2022

TMNTU wave 8 revealed: thoughts

 I am a little disappointed in the lack of Pizzaface on this wave...
I also only guessed Raph the Space Cadet correctly.
But here's the 4 figure wave known as 8:
Raph the Space Cadet
Genghis Frog
Robotic Rocksteady
Shredder 88 (silver variant)

Let's start with Raphael:
He has a few extras that are quite neat! The Laser Sai and second head have a Star Wars vibe to them. The little alien is the one that was attached to the back of the figure... clever... I'm hoping the stuff on his front is sculpted and not a sticker.

Genghis Frog has tons of texture and sculpted detail that weren't as detailed on the vintage toy. The Removable necklace gives me hope that a repaint could be made for Rasputin or Attila. If these were cheaper, I'd buy 4 Genghis and make Classicized Toon Punk Frogs to use a Neitlichian term.

Robotic Rocksteady is OK... since I missed out on Bebop, I have no use for him... with that said Rocksteady is missing an accessory... the Poke'em prybar.

Shredder... Ooh, where should I start with him?
A stinking Repaint, really!? No new accessories... OK he HAS AN OOZE CANISTER!! HORY SHET! GIMME 3 MORE SHREDDERS!! 
Had this Shredder been, I don't know, a Mirage repaint which Playmates has already done.
You know if they had made an ultimates Shredder in Mirage colors with no new parts, I'd probably buy 2!

This vintage Shredder with silver armor could use a cloth tunic that is tied with the same belt from the cloth cape. That way one could have a makeshift "toon Shredder". 

A Mirage Clone Shredder repaint would've worked too.

A Foot Soldier color scheme for Shredder also would've worked. I know that "there is no precedent" for this color palette, but it makes sense. Master Shredder has a nice ring to it. Also the second head could have a purple helmet with Shredder's skin blacked out like the current second head.

Now if they were REALLY invested, an Oroku Saki Head would have been an incentive to ANY repaint option. If the Saki head is a no-no at the moment, how about some different weapons?
Perhaps weapons meant to be used against each of the Turtles. 

The repainted Shredder feels quarter-assed.

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