Aug 18, 2022

TMNTU repaints to keep key characters around...

 Wave 8's Shredder repaint is driving me nuts in good and bad ways... I understand the idea of keeping core characters available, but THAT Specific repaint feels so out of place because it "doesn't make sense". So, since it's the night before this Blog's Anniversary, I decided to try again another TMNT List.

But SIMPLE repaints are bullshit. If we have to buy the same vanilla figures again, MAKE ME WANT THEM!! A simple repaint won't be enough.

Let's use the turtles as an example:
I'm going to dub these the "Brown Belt Variants"
because the biggest change is the belts being brown instead of black and their pads and wrist bands would be brown too. It's literally the vanilla figure but with those parts mentioned in brown.

Brown Belt Leonardo:
-A New serious extra head. (No teeth showing, stern look)
-2 Ninjato from sewer Samurai Leo
-Kunai and Shuriken from Sewer Samurai Leo
-2 New Pointing hands (meant to be as a normal human 2 finger ninja pose hand)
-Turtle Communicator 
-Standard hands

Brown Belt Donatello:
-A new extra head  with a quizzical expression
-New removable "custom" Jeweler Glasses/goggles
-2 Turtle Communicators (one in Mikey colors)
-2 hands with small precision tools presculpted in them to "fix Turtle Communicators"
-Teacup from Splinter 
-Standard hands

Brown Belt Raphael:
-A New screaming head 
-Kunai and shuriken from sewer Samurai Leo
-Turtle Communicator
-Katar blade
-2 Manriki-gusari (nod to the Nightwatcher Raphael) one sculpted as Raphael twirling it, the other being flung at an enemy.
-Standard hands

Brown Belt Michelangelo:
-Sewer Surfer Mike Tongue Head
-2 Twirling nunchucks (like the ones from S7Ultimares Bruce Lee)
-2 normal nunchucks
-1 new extra pointing hand with hile on finger for twirling action (like NECA TMNT movie accessory pack)
-1 Nunchuck that can be put on the twirling hand.
-Personal Pizza on tray that can be put on the twirling hand.

That's it for the Turtles... now let's tackle some non Turtle characters.

Master Splinter:

Splinter would be mostly out of the normal Splinter with a new ball peg that allows for swapping heads and a slightly lighter brown color and the tail painted in flesh tones.
-new Cloth Kimono with Sleeves and Shredder's cloth belt
-Cane sword
-normal Cane
-normal hands
-new Extra Head with more "Toon-inspired" look
-Bow and arrows
-New Quiver
-sushi pieces

Rocksteady would require a new ball joint that allows for head swapping and repainted in a more familiar Toon palette.

- New Extra Head without helmet in an angry pose.
-New "Toon inspired" Bandolier with removable Wooden Sword.
-Evil communicator (as seen on vintage Super Shredder)
-2 open hands for panicked or kidnaping April poses.
-pointing hand to use with the Communicator or threatening the Turtles.
-normal hands
-His rifle and knife

Repaint Bebop in Toon colors
-Open and pointing hands same as Rocksteady.
-Evil Communicator
-Triceraton Gun (similar to a gun he used on some episodes)
-normal hands
-his drill gun and trashcan
-Foot Soldier mace (reference to Shredder's Revenge)

This just of the top of my head. I'm not adding Casey or April, since I've gone over them a few times (Mirage repaints). If repaints are the only solution instead of brand spanking new variants, then make them worthwhile!!

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