Aug 15, 2022

Top 20 DC Multiverse figures that I want...

 That are not "Secret identities" of Batman and Superman...

I could pad the list with Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent, Barry Allen, and other characters in civilian outfits (Lex Luthor, Selina Kyle, Carol Ferris) sorry Todd, I mentioned 2 females... such blasphemy!! The reason for this list is that I missed out on the AzBat preorder... Sure, I got an Azrael, but when I think of Jean-Paul Valley, I think of the Knightfall version of Him. So, this list is my Copium...

I'm talking about Stephanie Brown... a part of me wants her Robin outfit, but then I'd have to ask for Dick, Jason, and Tim as Robin... OK now I want all the Robins to be wearing their Robin suits... but all jokes aside, Todd could also make an unmasked Steph as Spoiler variant.

The reason I want her is obvious... I want to recreate the Teen Titans Go! Team in "realistic versions" and that includes me hunting down for an unmasked Cryborg. I'd love a classic version, but would settle for a New 52.

Same as Koriand'r. I wouldn't mind a Classic or Nu 52, but I can settle for a Titans Raven. (As a nod to Todd never completing rosters and dropping random variants haphazardly) Here Todd would have up to 4 variants (Hood, no Hood, and the previous 2 with a different colored Raven)

-Beast Boy:
Don't care about the Outfit, just that he's green... red variant could be tossed to Target. The reason has been explained with the past 2 figures, so I won't go at it again.

Of course, this is to have the JL/JLU team. While i wouldn't say no to a Classic WW,  the Gal Gadot figure is an acceptable Placeholder. We're getting a Hawkman with the Black Adam Wave, so getting a Mismatched Hawkgirl makes Todd Sense.

-Captain Boomerang:
Flash needs something more than a Monkey and a copycat. I was going to say Captain Cold at first, but why ask for Cold, when one can ask for Freeze... so I'm settling with Captain Boomerang.

-Black Manta:
Probably we'll get him from AQUAMOMOA 2, but Aquaman needs someone to fight.

Again we have 3 different Green Lanterns and no Star Sapphires or Yellow Lanterns. And Todd could do Atrocitus as a BAF.

Classic Superman Villain that also lends himself for a variant with GITD Kryptonite... Todd loves his dumb variants to get some reuae out of the molds.

Wonder Woman would need a villain, so Cheetah is the most obvious Non-Ares villain. With 5 females on this list, I'm giving Todd a heart attack...

-Plastic Man:
Personally, I'd prefer the classic look, but again, it would traumatize Todd. I'm curious to see if Todd would do a swappable stretched part or two.

Todd's team could do wonders with the Ghostly Deadman... I can almost see a Ghostly glow variant.

-Vandal Savage:
He would look badass no matter what he's wearing. I'm curious on what Todd could do with him.

Sure, he'd be a big boy, but he would look so amazing with all the armor details... well depending on which version of Mongul 1 or 2 they make.

-Guy Gardner:
Put him in a Two pack with Batman. One Punch... that's all I'll say.

I want to sneak in the 4 Supermen that temporarily replaced Kal-El after his battle against Doomsday. He would be the first. On his own or in a 2 pack against Cyborg Superman...

-Mr. Freeze:
I mentioned he was going to be on the list. I won't mention my predilection towards the Batman and Robin Mr. Freeze...

-Cyborg Superman:
I had already mentioned Hank Henshaw when dealing with Steel. With a few changed pieces, a Sinestro Corps variant could be made.

- Ultra Humanite:
I was torn between Monsieur Mallah and Ultra Himanite. Both have the brain aspect... Mallah could totally come with the Brain as an accessory (which could lead to a Pinky and the Brain skit, but with a "Smart Pinky", which makes it less fun.) But albino gorilla that looks more Human-like in posture and proportions feels more unique than Monsieur Mallah. Also his head looking like his brain wants to burst out of his skull looks so badass!

-The Flash (Jay Garrick):
Basically he's here to test comic book styled JSA waters... and that I'd prefer to have Jay Garrick over Alan Scott as the sole JSA COMIC BOOK styled character, sonce Black Adam wave will bring some JSA members from the movie.

There you have it, 20 characters without going into deep cut territory, seeing that most of the  characters on the list have had some media representation outside of comics in the past decade.

Honorable mentions:
The one missing member of the Bat Family... could come with Ace the Bat-hound.

-Amanda Waller:
We have a Task Force X, we need their boss... not to mention having a Waller could make some Batman displays more interesting... or Lex Luthor for that matter. I'd make her a McFarlane store exclusive to avoid the retailer issues.

-Poison Ivy:
Batman villain... nuff said. And something about Harley Quinn and ✂️...

We have a ton of Robins. We have Wally West... you do the math. Green Arrow needs his own kid to endanger.

-Black Canary:
We don't have her on this line... that's reason enough... also, she could be used as a way to make The Birds of Prey. 

-Manchester Black:
He's better suited for a two-pack with Superman, but he's not a traditional choice.

-Miss Martian:
Again, another "teenage sidekick" for the team. But yeah, I want her mostly for Young Justice references.

- Zsasz:
Make the Arkham version and call it a day... easier to sell him as a tie in to a game than on his own.

I'm trying to pad Red Hood's team The Outlaws. Also, poor Todd might be getting an aneurysm from reading this list with too many females.

-Jimmy Olsen:
Superman's pal... on his own he wouldn't sell, but on a 2 pack with Dick as Robin... he could reuse the shovel from the Hush 2 pack as an accessory and reference to the story dig now die later. 

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