Jul 28, 2021

DC Collectibles is returning...

 Thanks to Todd McFarlane. This is good from a certain point of view. If it brings more DC products to the table, that's good... Problem is that Todd McFarlane's heavily involved. Why do I say that? Todd relies on the Bat shaped Crutch too much. His DC Multiverse line could be called Batmam Multiverse and the releases wouldn't be any different. 

I'm assuming that this deal is basically letting McFarlane Toys continue the lines that DC Collectibles was managing. I wonder if he'll do quirky stuff like the canceled Lucha line, or if he'll just do old school McFarlane DC statues... You gotta admit that a McFarlane old school statue of Poison Ivy with a flower base would look badass, or a Manbat, or a Solomon Grundy... or a Superman vs Doomsday statue... now THAT would be badass and 100% guano free. 

I may not be the target audience but I know that they have made some interesting toys. I DID buy the DCC Diggle, Arrow and Deathstroke... and the highly disappointing Batman, Aquaman, and Superman figures with 80s articulation... and the Arkham Catwoman that I reviewed a little while ago.

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