Apr 6, 2020

Conan is coming and Spidey news

Got a Super7 e-mail regarding the Comic Book Style Conan. They'll be arriving soon to Super 7 and then they begin to ship them to us... FINALLY!!  I've been dying for that comic book Conan figure which will go to my Masters of the Universe display...  because it's freaking Conan and I never got to order Arnie and Mufasa... so comic Conan will have to do... holy crap I just had the craziest crossover idea Conan on Etheria...

Spidey fans, the 4th figure of the Spidey-themed retro wave is a repaint:
Yes it's Mysterio in the color scheme I prefer. Dammit, looks like I'm gonna double dip on thr Master of Illusions... Well, I can use the other one as a decoy Mysterio.
Hopefully the next reveal will be a classic styled Electro.

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