Apr 6, 2020

My expectations for FFVIIR and Beyond... just 4 more days...

I am terribly anxious for Final Fantasy 7 remake. I have vented a lot of my fears my doubts and my excitement... it's because I'm very passionate about this specific game!

It's so close that I can almost taste the Mako...  but at the same time I'm completely terrified. Capcom recent Resident Evil remake have cut content from their original PlayStation counterparts in order to streamline the games.
In this game the case is the complete opposite Square Enix is cramming tons of crap to the first hours of the original game. My main fear is that the soul of the original gets lost in all the padding.  I know the funny thing is that assuming I get it around the 10th, I will probably be unable to play it for a while until my next day off... kinda mirroring the situation with the original.

But let me talk about the game itself. Like I said before the padding, it scares me. I understand that making 60 hour game out of a 4-Hour segment will required a Naruto sized amount of filler. I already know that the small chase after events the demo has been expanded to a half an hour event.  In the original it barely took a minute. That type of feeling is the least of my worries. The filler that worries me is the other type of filler. THE.TYPE.OF.FILLER.THAT.IS.BEST.SUITED.TO.A.PSP.GAME.AND.NOT.A.HOME.CONSOLE.GAME.
I can almost see Cloud stuck doing random missions killing the same type of enemies in the same dungeon areas again and again... I'm hoping that these missions are either fun, or add to  lore just to make them bearable.

So I guess I should rephrase my original statement:
My biggest fear on Final Fantasy 7 remake is that the X recanted added to pad the game playtime becomes as tedious and monotonous Asif playing a PlayStation Portable game on a larger Home console... like a certain Hideo Kojima game starring queefer Sutherland.

I'm more interested in the new content that would expand the lore of the world of Final Fantasy 7.

I'm also afraid that despite the game being 60 hours long we're going to be stuck in a linear world with very little exploration. Just ask Cloud with a vagina or the Roadtrip bros... how disappointing their worlds were after all the hype.

I really hope that I'm going to get a huge serving of crow this weekend....

 But the sequels now there's a place where I'll be full of fear. We don't know how long until the next game we don't know how many games are coming despa chelation it can drive people mad and I'm halfway there.

 but to summarize:
 Modifications to appease 2020s sensibilities...

 You know the usual suspects. Now all I can do is wait until the game finally arrives.

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