Apr 22, 2020

The Mario Maker 2 update is out...

And it freaking rules! I played a little before hitting the hay... Got a call from my aunt that she was nearby and had a few spare facemasks for me and she's dropping them at my mailbox. Now Instead of sleeping, I'm sitting in my porch waiting. So it's time for an almost noon rant, which is not normal for me.

 So the new update: I haven't tinkered with everything everything but I did play some Worlds made by other people... also some single levels as well.

 There is a little bit of everything. Good levels garbage levels and flaming hot garbage levels. The Koopalings are a clever addition. I believe they're based on their NSMB versions. I love that each character has a unique set of attacks. Morton ground pounds and creates shock waves,  Roy digs into the ground and pops up out of nowhere. Ludwig has a floaty jump similar to Luigi in Super Mario Brothers 2, etc. Play Break some of the monotonous aspected boss battles. The MECHAKOOPAS are sweet.
Blue ones have potential to become the next skewers.

I haven't seen any SMB2 shroom levels yet...

Also on the previous rant I made a mistake and mention that the boomerang brother was a new Super Mario power-up but that one is exclusive for 3D World.

Update: Seems like I forgot to hit publish. So, after a couple of hours of sleep later, I played some more.

Got to use the Super Mario Brothers 2 mushroom and I got to say it's an interesting mechanic. Definitely possible that wr might get a separate SMB2 mode for SMM3. Played a few Link levels with the Koopalings. Makes a whole lot of difference playing as Link than as Luigi. This weekend is when things should get good... The update will have nearly a week and there will be enough levels made with the new stuff.

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