Apr 21, 2020

Carmen Sandiego interactive episode: the rant.

You know the Netflix Carmen Sandiego series. Well, a while back Netflix added an interactive episode.  I watched it and since it's an interactive episode I did the whole choose-your-own-adventure thing. It wasn't a mind-blowing experience. I'd say it worked as an average episode, but the only thing that is making me talk about it was a cute little Easter egg they added:

The cast of the Netflix series singing the Classic Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? Theme song.
That little Easter egg sent this interactive episode to the next level of awesome.

It's no secret that I've been enjoying this iteration of Carmen Sandiego despite "Carmen being a hero", which is the only change I don't like. I know that she used to be an ACME Agent before joining the dark side in past continuities, but despite her not being the antagonist, the shoe is enjoyable. Especially with the huge amount of love letters to fans of Carmen in general. The respect that the people involved have for the source material  is strong. That's why things like the Rockapella song feel like a love letter to the older show... Not gonna mention other shows that have done mocking throwbacks to their older continuities.

Thank you Carmen Sandiego netflix team for the episode and the song!

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