Apr 10, 2020

My copy of FFVIIR will arrive sometime between tonight or the 15th.

So this will delay a bit my review. Sadly, I've seen some posts from friends who have played it or quoting reviews and I'm afraid... Nomura is ruining the story by adding Nomura crap.

As I haven't played the game, I cannot comment on the veracity of these. But I gotta rant and Rave so here we go!
 spoilers after the jump

So I see you jumped, Cloud... according to those reviews Final Fantasy 7 already happened. So did Advent Children Dirge of Cerberus and the entire compilation of Final Fantasy 7.  so sephiroth went back in time manipulated JENOVA in order to redo Final Fantasy 7 to his image. The weird ghost that hunt Aerith  are basically trying to re accommodate the timeline as it supposed to be.
Bad guys trying to re accommodate this story to their liking but fate wants to keep the timeline as correct as possible where have I heard that before...


Alternate timelines, changing fate? That bullshit doesn't belong in FFVII... it belongs in

The idea that Aerith and Zack can live in this new timeline is preposterous!  Zack needs to die. His death is literally the key for Cloud's road to recovery from his first Mako overdose (and JENOVA infusion). If Zack is alive, then what do we need Cloud for? Since we all know that this one cloud is basically diet Zack.

And if Aerith lives,  well that means meteor takes Gaia and Splat! game over, man! But let's call this for what it really is: an excuse to not follow the original.  think about it if this game is allowing to alter the original timeline that means that the events in the original will not happen as they  happened. This would allow Square Enix to alter the events and do them in an order that suits them.

No Kalm, no Midgar Swamp, no Fort Condor, start at Junon,  the Cargo Ship and Costa del Sol, no pathway to New Corel and end up straight to the Gold Saucer and Corel Desert Prison. End game 2 with a vehicle to reach Nibelheim.

Then we skip Gongaga, head straight to Cosmo Canyon and the Cosmo caves that conveniently now end up at the outskirts of Nibelheim. Rocket town will be at the other side of the Nibel Mountain range. We end Game 3 with the Wutai sidequest as final main story event before heading to the temple of the ancients.

Game 4 skips the Locating the Keystone and we start at the Temple of the Ancients. We skip bone village and head straight to Aerith nearly dying... or dying for now. We skip Snow inn and half the climb to the northern crater. We end the game with Weapons awakening and Sephiroth being revived.

Game 5 will skip a lot of the Huge Materia business and focus on reviving Aerith and restoring Cloud.

Game 6 will be 100% inside Midgar for the raid and Game 7 is the Final Battle.

And Nomura might skip a lot of stuff to male it in less games.

Well that is assuming the rumors are true.  and if they are true then my biggest fear is actually happening is that the Final Fantasy 7 story is being scrapped or something different I'm done we're going to see a lot of content from the original hit the chopping block...

 I honestly hope that the rumors are false and that the whole alternate timeline is just a load of BS but all things are pointing that it it's true... I'm afraid I'm  very very afraid.

And the "JuSt PlAy ThE oRiGiNaL tO hAvE tHe OrIgInAl StOrY" argument doesn't fly, because a remake is a retelling of the same story. In a game's case woth better graphics, new voice acting, different engine. 
 if a so-called remake tells a brand-new different story that it's not the original then it's not a remake.
Super Castlevania 4 is a remake of Castlevania 1. Same story different Graphics added stages. At it's core it's basically a prettier to look at and more entertaining to play version of Castlevania 1.
Metal Gear Solid the twin Snakes: I remake of Metal Gear Solid 1 with new voice overs a modified version of the Metal Gear Solid 2 engine it tells the exact same story but with crazier cinematics.
The GameCube original Resident Evil remake: some new added elements but the main story remained the same.

 If Nomura wanted to do a brand new game in the 7 Series he might as well called it Final Fantasy 7: fabula angelus unum alatus  or something like that to tell us that it's a new game and it's not really Final Fantasy 7.

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