Apr 20, 2020

FFVIIREMAKE's Wall Market Section was changed for the worse.

Before anyone asks, no, this is not a Mukki or Mukki and friends didn't get a taste of Cloud's backdoor post. Garbage humans who pretend to be some form of altruistic humans are spewing their Tumblr nonsense about this whole section of the game, when in fact it's far more insulting to theor claims than the original... but since I mention Cloud's butthole, let me get this out of the way:
 in the original game Cloud was a rape victim, a survivor.  think about that Cloud got raped in order to save Tifa via a ludicrous plan. A fact that he never dealt with... He simply repressed the memory and kept on going, especially with all the crap life threw at him. (The curse of JENOVA, Aeris becoming a kebab, his delusions unmasked.) Heck this even explains why he's so emotionally distant from everyone in the sequels. (Emo Cloud from AC and DoC).

Remake sweeps all that under the carpet by giving us Andrea Rhodea and the gayest musical number since High School Musical's Bop to the Top... (I'm not up to speed in gay musical numbers)  of course game journos and Tumblr took a single line by Rhodea and turned the whole section into some sort of "Trans positive" take on the while section. It's not.

The entire section is an act of catfishing, where Cloud is a trap... Before you say: Same thing as the original. It's NOT THE SAME!!

Im the original, it's Aeris who comes up with the plan after seeing Cloud's androgynous body. It's only a ploy to get past the guards to rescue Tifa. In the remake, it's  a plan concocted by Corneo's partners, the other big bosses of Wall Market conspire to troll Corneo by sending a trap. They really don't care about operation Rescue Tifa. They simply want to mess up with their partner at the expense of Cloud's life. And that includes Mr. "True Beauty is an expression of the heart. A thing without shame, to which notions of gender don't apply."

How can you say this is Trans Positive, when this is:
3 rich businesspeople picking up a huy from the streets because he's a but androgynous, dressing him up as a woman and sending him to their Mafioso business partner just for shits and giggles. Not to menrion that they often send him young girls for him to do as he pleases. (In the original game he captures Yuffie, an underage girl to make his bride when the Don is hiding in Wutai)

And One more thing: Cloud is a Cisgender, Heterosexual male. Throughout the events where he is dressed like a woman, he has shown that he dislikes the situation. NOTHING in the whole Wall Market sequence shows Cloud having Gender Dysphoria. Nor any sign of enjoyment in being "a woman" when he was dressed as one. Seriously, Joseph Joestar showed more enjoyment in Cross Dressing than Cloud ever did.

But, since I dared criticize the narrative, I'm going to be called Transphobic... Yet it's the actual remake who is showing that kind of behavior... Let's take a look at this:

This is Jules, who gives you the wig for winning the Squat Mini-Game.

In the original, Jules, aka Big Bro, used a Female model, which made him (he refers to himself as a man) a "passing" trans person at best or cross dresser at worst. There is a huge difference between both terms,  but based on the changes made to the remake, Big Bro, aka Jules, might simply be a crossdresser than a Trans person.

So we have Gay erasure, with the removal of Mukki,  but we have Andrea Rhodea who MIGHT be pansexual. We have Trans erasure by turning Big Bro from what it looked like a Trans woman, but Jules might be a cross-dresser... which doesn't necessarily make him gay, or trans. He can totally be a Cis hetero male who enjoys the art of cross-dressing.

So, there is NOTHING trans positive in Final Fantasy VII Remake. Trying to FORCE trans positivity in something that is definitely NOT trans positive is REALLY BAD.

If we're going to to get Transgender characters in a game, I don't want them to be:
-trying to entrap a cisgender character.
-using their being transgender as their sole personality trait
-be a propaganda mouthpiece... like say, a trans version of Jessie Spanno...

I want a well written character that Happens to be transgender.

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