Apr 14, 2020

Just finished the Ms. Cloud segment: another FFVIIR rant

Technically it was a few hours ago, but I had to sleep on it. This game is messing up my already messed up circadian cycle. The sequence has changed BIG TIME. I mean, it KINDA IS THE SAME. The sequence is still there, but it's intertwined with a lot of new stuff. Also I did some research online and actions in earlier chapters have an effect on your current situation at wall market.

And it seems that my choices had a strange effect because, according to the walkthroughs the dress I got for Cloud  shouldn't have been the one I should have gotten.
I was supposed to get the Blue and white dress, but somehow ended up getting the blue and black dress. I know that the outfit I got Tifa was the Sporty one aka the Chun-Li look. Mature is the one you should go for if you're a purist. For Aeris I got the super mega fancy dress because I did all the side quests in the previous chapter.

I do not know if the Don actually picks anyone else but he  picked Thundehead in my playthrough.

Here's the thing I could take that the process to get Cloud in Drag was changed. I can take that they expanded the whole process having new things to the classic elements there... but I despise one single thing:
The Virginity of Cloud's back door was not violently taken from him. In fact he remains a backdoor virgin! You cannot call this a Final Fantasy 7 remake if Cloud's butthole is not ravaged by one or many men in exchange for panties! The world of Gaia is not going to be saved anymore by a rape Survivor!? Do you even social justice, Square Enix!?  Instead we get a dance-off. You @#$%ers KILLED OFF MUKKI!!
Rest in peace, brother. THE real Bubby misses you...
I wished I could've seen you in the Remake. Farewell, sweet, bear prince...

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