Apr 17, 2020

FINALLY, the Final Fantasy VII Remake review

already went through with my issues with the story from the remake. I have also beaten it so I guess it's fair that I do the review now.

Since it's a video game review the scale is from 1 to 10 so let's begin:

The characters look amazing and so do the backgrounds well when the textures load correctly... the texture loading problem is a big issue in Final Fantasy 7 remake. When this issue happens the background stand to look like PS1 games but with the blurry effect from PS2 and PS3 activated. In my playthrough would happen as early as chapter 3, but sometimes when I load the game it's simply loaded by the textures badly and they fix on its own. Other times certain objects would be permanently loaded in low texture mode. The problem is that it happened way too often.

Sounds and music:
Holy shit! I just realized Where I've heard Wedge's voice before! The voice acting on this game it's actually pretty good but it feels like a low-budget version of the original cast... by original cast I mean the ones from Advent Children and Kingdom Hearts 2.  And I know it sounds kind of bad, but  it's a bit hard to explain.  the new cast did a great job but, they kinda sound like they're making impressions the previous actors who played the roles. This is most notable when CW Superman plays silver haired mama's boy. He sounds like he's doing a George Newbern impression.

The music regrettably is a mixed bag. Some of the new versions of classic themes sound really really really great. Other pieces are so remix that you can't even recognize them.

They are a bit awkward at first. And even after 35:23 hours, the Triangle is not the optimal button to interact with stuff. That has being a personal pic of mine says a couple of Square Enix games... now that I think of it Nomura is involved in these games that have given me issues with the triangle...

I cannot lie here, the gameplay is the better aspect of this game. While yes the exploration is limited to walking on hallways,  the combat is mostly entertaining. The only game play elements that I don't like so far are no playable red 13 the new mechanics on the squats game and new Pull-Ups.

The elephant in the room should we mention it.
The story up to the point where you leave Midgar on the original game isn't that great. Everything begins to fall in place once you leave Midgar.

 The problem with the remake's story is Tetsuya Nomura, Kazushige Nojima, and Motomu Toriyama. The latter one was the man behind The 3rd Birthday... the No-No team is the bigger threat. The tag team behind Kingdumb Farts. Nojima created Zack, so I wouldn't put it past him to have his creation survive. Nomura has a hard-on for Sephiroth, which explains the exaggeration of the Cloud Vs Sephiroth angle that everything after the True FFVII has taken. I've already mentioned that before NOMURA Nomura'd up FFVII, Sephiroth was useless. But for the sake of fairness I must point out that not everything was awful. Expanding lore, like the Haunted Train Graveyard,  backstories for Jessie, etc. was pretty cool... adding a neighborhood watch to explain why their enemy encounters so close to towns within the enclosed Midgar was a great idea.  the added dungeon of the Secrets Shinra experimental facility under sector 7 was neat.

But the good is outmatched by the bad. Instead of getting this as a story:
Mercenary joined an eco-terrorist group to stop an evil corporation from destroying the planet by overusing a rare element. Now the Mercenary has become the bodyguard of a woman who holds the key to a near infinite cache of this rare element. (Well that is up until the point where the remake ends)

But instead we got this:
Mercenary joined an eco-terrorist group to stop an evil corporation from destroying the planet by overusing a rare element. Now the Mercenary has become the bodyguard of a woman who holds the key to a near infinite cache of this rare element. But he is hampered by visions from his past, when he stopped a villain that destroyed his hometown. The Villain has come from the future in order to change the past, but to do so he needs help from the Mercenary to break the bonds of Fate. Because the original game, the PSP and Japanese mobile phone prequels happened, the movie sequel and the PS2 sequel from a side character ALSO Happened and this remake is a sequel to all of that. There are also alternative timelines.

The original would've gotten a 7.0 in story up to the point where the remake ends... The remake, thanks to the added stupidity gets a 4.5

Fun factor 
Despite the massive shitshow that is the story the game is actually fun. I simply wish that the story has been kept more faithful to the true Final Fantasy 7 and we hadn't gotten this Kingdom Hearts vs XIII excuse for a story crap. But I have to be fair and say there are some parts that extremely annoying and can suck the fun out of the game.

 With all that said and done Final Fantasy 7 remake getsa 7.5 as its final score. I honestly blame the graphical issues, but those can be fixed with a fat a little bit later on. The real culprit that cannot be passed away is the massive tampering with the story that took a massive diarrhea shit of the original. Team No-No used this game to shit on the people who dared criticize their "genius".  Now I'm torn, part of me simply wants to not play Final Fantasy 7 remake to when it eventually comes out most likely on PlayStation 5. But I love this universe so much that I see myself most likely pre-ordering a copy.

And I guess this would be the end for the Final Fantasy 7 remake week...

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