Apr 5, 2020

Could a Punisher themed Marvel Legends wave work?

With Hasbro making crazy selections on characters who are "worthy" of getting themed waves, Why not Frank Castle?  he often gets relegated to side character in other character's waves. So for the sake of doing a mental exercise (and not go on another FFVIIR rant) I'm going to go for a Punisher themed wave:

Or the Builder figure I'd pick the Russian. He's a rather large character suited for the spot of a build a figure.

Now for the wave itself

-Punisher (based on Vol.6 Issue 2: Does Whatever a Spider can)
I chose this look for The Punisher based on the build a figure. While we cannot make an official giant sized Man-Thing version of the Russian, this Punisher is a nod to that. Also he's basically a redeco of the classic Punisher with different lower legs.

 Classic Punisher villain that we haven't seen since the ToyBiz days. personally I would go for the white suit version. I know some people would prefer the alternate toybiz look with Jigsaw wearing a Punisher suit but one could swap his head with a Punisher body that we have a couple of spares and make it into the dark Punisher or whatever.

-Armored Daredevil:
Wow not exactly 100% Punisher related Matt Murdock has had a few run-ins with Frank Castle... and this is one of the few versions of Daredevil that we haven't received in Marvel Legends so it makes sense.

-Yelena Belova:
We need a non MCU version of Yelena so she's here for that reason.  Not to mention that the Black Widow has had a few run-ins with Castle... Sure, it's  mostly Natasha who has "worked with Frank", but we don't need Natasha number 5042.

I know I know technically I'm cheating by adding couple of Spider-Man characters here... I know, but you have to admit that adding the mobster hammerhead to a Punisher wave makes sense. Punisher he kills mobsters and the thick-skulled Hammerhead is the ultimate Mobster that is not Kingpin.

Another multi-use villain that has seen some Punisher action Daredevil action and even Mutant action with mr. Angry stabby Canadian... I vaguely remember him from the arcade game.

-Spider-Man: Spider Armor Mk 1:
 Right now I'm pretty sure that the first thing you'll say is "why is Spider-Man here?"  the answer is simple:
You know how X-Men waves have to shove a wolverine in for no reason how Avengers waves have to toss in an Ironman as well? Spider-Man is just ensuring that the wave would make it to retail. It's a well-known variant to comic book fans and some casuals.

 okay I'm a bit surprised that I was able to full of a Punisher wave way too fast. NOW a black heart themed wave now there's a challenge!! But that's a different rent for a different date.  until next time True Believers... I miss Stan...

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