Apr 2, 2020

It came from the Toy Chest: Super Skrull? More like slightly better than average Skrull...

Finally, I'm able to get a Super Skrull figure.
I missed out on the ToyBiz one... and that had 3 variants circulating. Or the Hasbro Skrull vs Kree Skrull warrior with "super skrull-like pieces.

So, Super Skrull: a Disgraced Skrull warrior who sought a chance at redemption became an experimental super soldier for the Skrulls. Now endowed with the powers of the Fantastic four, K'lrt fights to restore his former glory. Or something.

Despite having a slightly larger body the super skrull has standard Marvel Legends articulation. Even the alternate arms that simulate the powers from the Fantastic Four have double jointed elbows.

Paint and sculpt 
He looks like a classic interpretation of the skrull Warrior.  and if you have moderate knowledge of the Marvel Universe you can easily recognize him as a skrull warrior the super skrull depending on which limbs he has on.

If I were to nitpick about him I'd say that the green on his face is a bit too dark for my taste.

While technically speaking he is the accessories for the rest of the entire wave he does come with alternate arms.
A rare event for Build a figures.

Super Skrull gets a 4.83 as his final score. It's a great score for a character that's not necessarily the greatest character ever. But as a classic Fantastic Four villain that is not Doctor Doom he's a nice addition to the collection.
Now if this figure was to be re-released further down the line as a single card at deluxe figure I would love to see an extra head or two and maybe some extra arms. Invisible thing arm, flaming stretched arm. Maybe the super skrull could get a head in mid transformation.

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