Apr 16, 2020

Shin-Ra building: The end is near...

Really? Here's where you put that lime being sequins dangling through cables swinging across dangerous Cassens section? Really? It's incredible how facepalm Worthy this is. You had a whole section where you could have gotten creative with the climbing the swinging and all the crazy Balancing Act stuff but you saved it for the lobby of the Shin-Ra building.  What the Hell, man!?

I decided to go up the emergency stairs instead of the elevator because it's the most canonical thing to do... or at least that's how I do most of my playthroughs on the real game.
They actually caught a shit ton of stuff in the Shinra building. The midgar replica puzzle is no longer a thing. The mayor's password search is no longer a thing. Opening cert and key doors and climbing through vents to get a bunch of treasure no longer a thing. Hojo's bestiality fetish no longer a thing. We do get an added mini dungeon where the party is split and you have to collaborate to move onward.

You then Fight Rufus, the Tank, the Crazy Motorcycle chase and then...

Nomura goes full Nomura and inserts more Kingdumb Farts Bullshit. You battle a Giant Heartl... Arbiter of Fate, then you kick Sephiroth's ass so hard that Kadaj felt it.

Zack may be alive (possible alternate timeline... or some Nomura Bullshit.)

Wait... did I just beat FFVIIR in 4 days?

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