Apr 8, 2020

Well, Todd reached his unneeded kickstarter goal...

Todd McFarlane, creator of Spawn, Head of McFarlane toys, who have the DC COMICS and MORTAL KOMBAT licenses, made a kickstarter for a Spawn figure. He reached his goal rather fast. I'm not exactly a fan of this project specifically. McFarlane Toys is a big company. Okay it's not Mattel big but it's big enough to not need a Kickstarter. I believe McFarlane is doing this just to show big retailers that there is a desire for Spawn toys, but still, Kickstarter was not the way to go.

McFarlane could have easily set up a site like Matty collector to do his whole spawn campaign. He would have gotten the same that I that he would get from the kickstarter without the whole shadiness of a big Company using Kickstarter.

Also I think he's delivering too little for what he's asking for.
$40 for a basic figure  1 accessory and that's it.
All three figures are exactly the same the only difference is the head and the paint job. Based on the pictures shown there won't be different leg and gauntlets gold for modern spawn. The third figure is literally a gray pseudo prototype... but if you order all three at once you will get different heads on the modern spawn and the Prototype spawn. Not additional heads to the default version but different heads for doing all three at once.
 that's a load of bullshit.
You're getting a figured that's virtually similar to The Mortal Kombat 11 spawn with a bigger cape and a bigger price tag.

 for a Kickstarter I was expecting interchangeable heads interchangeable hands interchangeable cape and the chains. And I'm not even talking going full Japanese collector crazy in the amount of items:
 let me give you an example two heads one with the whole mask and the other without it. Now if you bought the 3-pack then you get an additional Al Simmons head to use on your spawn figure. Maybe also an additional glowing effect on the eyes masked spawn head.  And lastly these heads in grayscale for the final figure.
For Hands the usual: fists, accessory gripping hands , open hands and fpr the 3 pack a pair of green necroplasm effect hands for each version of Spawn.

And the alternate cape would be just a smaller Cape just in case you don't want to display spawn with the huge Cape knocking everything off from your shelf.  the change would be an attack mode version of the chains that's it.

Had spawn come with all those goodies I would have paid even $60 for him but what we're getting it's not worth the $40 in my opinion.

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