Apr 3, 2020

Final Fantasy VII Remake final trailer...

I won't do the usual complaining and the bellyaching about revealing Sephiroth way too soon... I've said this way too many times already.

Are the trailer got me stoked for the game so hard that I could kill ghetto florists with m'dick.

 things that caught my eye:
The generic Bandit enemies that appear on Sector 5
Hell House
Seems that we fight motorball in the bike and truck.
Seems that we may need to use Aerith  to help people evacuate sector 7.

But at the end of the trailer there was one thing that brought me a lot more than revealing Sephiroth and JENOVA as the main bad guys...

You! Are! Not! Meant! To! Show! Up! Until! The! Northern! Crater! When! JENOVA! Dispels! Cloud's! Delusioms! Sp take the gift of the goddess, stick it up your Gongagan ass and get the fuck out of my Final Fantasy VII Midgar segment!

Yes the trailer drops hints about Zack Fair appearing in the Midgar chapter... and more stuff being added to the Medgar chapter means that future chapters are gonna get chopped up... I'm going to call it now then next Final Fantasy 7 remake game will not be an open-world ass the current remake is rumored to be.  I  don't know why but I feel that a lot all the game content until we reach the Junon area will be managed via cutscenes. With Junon being the big Hub world until we reach the end of that section and hit the cargo ship... I just thought of something even more devious two hubs one being Junon and the other being Gold Saucer / old Corel...

They're going to cut up a lot of stuff from the original game in the sequels you'll see... there is a reason why they only managed to do the game on Midgar and not until Junon... but despite all my fears the game is looking freaking awesome!!

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