Apr 29, 2020

I can't believe AFV still exists

Remember America's Funniest Home Videos?
The show where people sent funny videos and they would get lame voiceovers or commentary by the current host...  in my days Danny Tanner did the commentary... recently Carlton Banks is doing the same... Recently Disney +  added the Tom Bergeron years of AFV to their lineup. I watched a couple of episodes... I did not laugh. I thought, maybe, I just don't find Tom Bergeron funny... So I found online some of the John and Daisy era episodes... guess what? I did not laugh either... Well, I tried it with Alfonso... I chuckled, but it wasn't the Belly laughs I had as a kid when Bob Saget did it... So, I decided to bring in the big guns: I searched for Saget Era AFV... and I laughed a little... Maybe a smidge more than the Alfonso era, but not the Belly Laughs of my childhood.

 So I said to myself: " self, something is very very wrong here. I know the joke Saget made is funny but I'm not laughing as much."  I went to facebook, to check the usual.
My Democrat friends making fun of the Trump disinfectant injections, my Republican friends sharing memes to defend what Trump said wasn't what he said...  then the ones outside the continental 57 states of 'Murcia sharing memes about FFVIIREMAKE, THE Ghana coffin dancers, pick one of 4 things that should be eliminated, Herbalife and other Pyramid scheme ads,  and videos...

This is not the exact video shared, but it's from the same channel. Then the video section on Facebook bombarded me with similar things like

Fail compilations, dumb Family Feud videos, so on and so forth.
This made something inside my head click... It's not AFV that sucks... It's that there are SO MANY VIDEOS of things that are TOO SIMILAR TO AFV that I'VE BECOME DESENSITIZED TO AFV!! An overabundance of failure and suckitude has created a sort of resistance to pratfalls and dumb physical comedy (both scripted and unscripted).

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