Apr 21, 2020


Let's a go!  tomorrow April 22nd 2020 we are getting a Mario Maker 2 update.

We are getting a Super Mario Brothers 2 mushroom. This mushroom turns you into a Super Mario Brothers 2 version of Mario. As in I can stand on top of enemies without killing them Mario. I said I can pick them up and toss them at other enemies Mario. Basically we are one step short of getting Super Mario Brothers 2 mode for Mario maker 3?  WE also get the Phanto Key.

We are getting also the frog suit... but with the Super Mario Brothers 3 frog suit ability of swimming in all directions. Also if we're carrying items it seems we can do a Jesus Christ on walk on water.

We are getting the power balloon from Super Mario World. So I can see some get the red coin type of situations and avoiding spikes and fire bars kind of thing...

Flying Squirrel Mario and Boomerang Bro Mario are here for the NSMB mode.

3D World gets hats:
Propeller, which lets you kinda mimick the propeller power-up from NSMB, a Cannon Hat that allows you to shoot cannonballs. A Pow Block Hat taht gives you 3 Pow uses and a Goomba hat, which allows you to blend in with Bowser's disposable... I mean ESSENTIAL Troopers. The Bullet Bill Mask allows for short horizontal flight.

I got to say that's a really clever move by Nintendo. I think in multiple game mode exclusive power-ups to have some visual diversity in levels.

 Now here comes the best part we are getting Koopalings!
Supposedly they are more in line with their Mario 3 versions and they're not simply Baby Bowser clones. Okay they serve they say the same purpose as Baby Bowser but they add a little spice to levels because their attack patterns are different. Now we imagine how those Boss Rush levels will be now.

Seems that trampolines will now have on and off switches... interesting.
We also have MECHAKOOPAS... with new flavors too..
 green are the standard ones, red shoot homing missiles, and blue fires lasers and in night stages they get jetpacks. Oh crap!

We also get Now map screens to create are small Super Mario worlds... I don't mean the Super Nintendo game. I mean small world halfway you have a couple of stages that you can play until you reach the castle.

If we're getting all of this in Super Mario Maker too damn 3 is going to blow our minds

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