Apr 7, 2020

The Big Show Show: The Big Rant Rant

Whatever happened to the Titantron? The turnbuckle, Lawler, Friday Night Smackdown!? Something something Full House Reference with WWE...

I just seen one episode of The Big Show show I don't even know how to describe this...  it's not funny, it's terribly cringy, but has some forced sappy heartfelt moments... it's almost like Full House but with Big Show. It's not exactly Full House sayings Big Show has a wife and often have two other wrestlers living with him, but the show's vibe is VERY similar to Full House. At least Big Show is a likeable enough to pull this off. Could you imagine if we had a show starring Brock Lesnar where we follow him around watching him do not wrestling at all? Sure it would be more realistic than Big Show's Full House but Brock Lesnar is not likeable enough.

In any case the show exists and if you want to watch it, it's on Netflix... according to the Internet Movie Database Jaleel White appears in a couple episodes. Dammit, now I HAVE TO SEE THIS THROUGH!!

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