May 28, 2015

Disney Attraction Themed Movie Number... Tomorrowland!

It seems that Walt must be spinning on his Cryo-Chamber, because the Executives at Walt Disney Pictures allowed yet ANOTHER Disney park attraction movie to be made...

and I think they're rebooting this too to remove the stank of unfunny Eddie Murphy.
So, Tomorrowland:

Confused by the trailers? Good! Because I think that's what the trailers want you to be when you go in to see the movie. Luckily, I avoided 2 out of 3 trailers and only went to see it because it has Hugh Laurie in it... George Clooney can be a bit of a movie repellent to me...
Even to this day he still apologizes for Batman and Robin.

So how to describe Tomorrowland?
Minority Report + The Matrix (the good one) + Terminator + House M.D. go through the Disneyfier-inator! and you get Tomorrowland.

This is the reason why Brad Bird skipped doing Star Wars.
As long as we don't get a movie based on this, I'm OK with Disney doing ride based movies... I think you may know what is on that dreaded link without even clicking...

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