May 8, 2015

It Came From Shapeways Round 2:

Fans do what Mattel Won't...
I got myself a trio of Shapeways Items, but this time around I'll only share 2 ahead of time. The Third one will be revealed once I finish doing some stuff to it and to the character it will go with.

The First Item comes from derWaffenmeister.
 As you can see, it's the DC Power Sword, the Larger version of it to be precise.
As you remember, I mentioned that My King He-Man lacked his official sword and he was carrying a custom sword I made ages ago.

Now My He-Man has a Kingly Sword with the Secondary He-Man emblem on the sword's hilt. This completely fits with the bunch of Logos he is carrying on his clothes.

I can't believe that I'm liking the DC design of the sword more, when I see it with King He-Man. I tried it on a younger He-Man but it didn't look right for me.

The Next Item is from DJ Force's Weapon's Forge! It's the Role Playing Electronic Power Sword from the (New Adventures of) He-Man line.
I got this sword for a single reason:
The unofficial coming of Dare: Heir to the Power of He-Man or He-Ro II: Son of He-Man this December... but this is just a rumor, nothing official. (but Nepthu and Plundor were rumors too!)

Glow in the Dark paint was used on the blade, which makes it glow in the dark... obviously.
I must comment on how DJForce captured the toy look perfectly! It even has the on-off switch on the handle that the toy had. The sword is made for the wider grip NA He-Man hand and it may warp the normal hands, but since Dare will be the owner of the TOY Sword (it's how I can be disrespectful to the SOH concept) because the brat doesn't deserve a real power sword, I don't care if i warp his hand.
I had to use 4 coats of GITD green and white to create the glowing blade. Sadly, my camera sucks ass at taking pics in the dark with no flash...

Like I said before, shapeways Items may be a bit expensive, but they are worth it for displays. The third item is pretty solid too! I'll only give out where I got it for now...

I've seen so many things on shapeways and not necessarily MOTU related that have made me say: Shut up and take my money! that it's not even funny! So far the MOTUC 3D Art Masters have helped me enhance my collection! Maybe soon they'll help you out enhance your collections!

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