May 26, 2015

A Jonny Quest movie!? By Robert Rodríguez?

Keep this away from the movie!!
Funny thing about this is that One of my earliest rants involved a Jonny Quest movie and Hardrock was the sole reason why It shouldn't be made... not to mention how Hadji would lose his Sim Sim salabim powers because of Political correctness... and I guess he'd lose the turban for Social Ju$tice. Now, I was going to make a rant today on how to make a theoretical Jonny Quest movie work and my short list of directors that should helm that project was: Brad Bird or Robert Rodríguez.

Well, Robert Rodríguez is supposedly going to do a Jonny Quest movie...
Now WHO shall play the main roles?
I mean, Jonny and Hadji are in theory the hardest ones to cast for most and I think I may have the perfect pair:

For Hadji I think Karan Brar is a decent choice...

The only thing that worries me is that due to modern sensibilities, his "indian magic" and Turban may disappear... I hope he keeps the turban... That's like taking off the loincloth out of He-Man or the cape out of Batman.

For Jonny I have one person: Peyton Meyer...

My reason is so he can be away from Girl Meets World for a while, since his character is pretty much a piece of cardboard on the show... except the season 2 episode where he went badass on an older student bullying another. (most spoilers removed) Also he kinda looks like Jonny Quest, but it's mostly to get him out of GMW... Random tidbit, the Topangaborn was on Spy Kids 4. If we get Peyton Meyer into this, then that's 2 GMW cast members working with Robert Rodríguez...

For Race and Dr. Quest, here's where it gets tough... Though Most people want this as Doctor Quest, I'm torn...

For Race Bannon, some people want to change Race's race in order to have this guy as Race:

Personally I'd prefer someone along the lines of Jason Statham for Race.

Now if Robert Rodríguez can reach a balance between his Spy Kids mode and his more Mature mode and maybe have some tributes to older Serial Style movies (Raiders of the Lost Ark comes to mind) we could have an amazing thing in our hands!

One More Thing! (If you read this in Uncle's voice from Jackie Chan's Adventures, I'm sorry! That
wasn't the intention... If you didn't but did now, it's your fault!) Even if the movie is some sort of Origin Story, I hope they redo the 1960s cartoon intro in live action just because Jonny Quest motherf-!

Now picture it in live action... you're welcome!

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