May 25, 2015

Whatcha gonna do when Hulkamania runs wild on Expendables 4!?

Hulk Hogan... Yes, THAT Hulk Hogan is allegedly in talks with Sly Stallone... OF COURSE It's THAT SLY STALLONE... for Expendables 4... He wants to be the next villain... Oh Holy Crap!!

This actually makes sense... The Hulkster getting his first role in Rocky III (pronounced Eye, Eye Eye)... So it seems appropriate having him with the Expendables. To be honest, I'd rather have him being a retired member forced out of retirement, or a "frienemy" of Barney and the Expendables.

Not that I'm against Hulk Hogan playing a villain, but more like I don't want to see him die in the movie... That would be worse than High Noon at Mega Mountain...

But Dude...

The Hulkster being back on the big screen with a bunch of 80s icons?

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