May 12, 2015

More Truly Outrageous info! Jem Movie related, duh!

No, no no, no, no, no, no! This is sounding worse than Sharknado!
Yes, Jem and the Holograms is sounding WORSE than Sharknado with every bit of news that comes out!

Why oh why, do I think this? Let's see:

"It's actually about a group of young people who are going to be inundated with this idea of fame and fortune and products and stuff, and within all that, how do you stay true to who you really are?" "That's the real soul of the movie."-John M. Chu
 That doesn't sound THAT bad... I mean, that's pretty much what every musical artist who reaches stardom has to deal with, like Chu's "Golden Boy" Justin Bieber. The part that bothers me is that THAT is the "Soul of the movie". I think the  "soul" should be Jerrica's struggle to keep her normal life as Jerrica AND her SECRET POP STAR Life as Jem going without both lives crashing with each other. Not to mention avoiding getting killed (as either Jem or Jerrica) by the Misfits, who are slightly more competent terrorists than COBRA.

Jerrica is definitely a 21st-century sort of girl, Chu says. She's shy and scared to use her voice after the death of her father, who taught her guitar and would call her "Jem," yet still finds ways to make music even though she's frightened of the stage.
What the Fu Hell!? It's official, Chu doesn't get JEM at all! This stage fright thing is BS. but wait there's more...

However, her talent is discovered and even though she doesn't want to be "out there" as a musical superstar, Jerrica is forced to embrace the over-the-top Jem alter ego in order to take care of her family and bandmates, says Peeples. "She never wanted to pursue the big costumes, lots of makeup, all that stuff. But in a way it helps her hide and have the confidence to come out and be this persona."
Still, Chu adds, Jerrica worries that people will judge her because she doesn't see herself as Jem. "We see the transformation as she gets brought into it, getting seduced by it, and at the same time trying to find her real self in between those two identities."

 Wait... Makeup, costumes... This is making my Spider-Sense tingle... It almost sounds like there is no Synergy... That would be like taking Bruce Wayne's Money, the Spider to Peter Parker, or the Power of Grayskull from Adam... Also, this is starting to sound like something else... Dust off clip HM-1123-92 Spike!

Jem is starting to sound a lot like a Hannah Montana movie instead of a Jem movie. Where's the whole struggle to keep control of Starlight Music from the Ruthless Eric Raymond? Not to mention funding the Starlight House (which Raymond axed the funding to the Starlight Foundation). Movie Jem is starting to sound like a Miley II.

Ryan Guzman co-stars as the love interest Rio, while Juliette Lewis is the film's chief antagonist Erica Raymond, a Starlight Music record executive and the kind of person "tempting you with everything you really do want and need deep down somewhere in your dark place," says Chu.
Wait wait wait! ERIC Raymond is no longer a man!? This is BULL $#!+ and why in the name of all that is holy would they change an evil man into an evil woman!? Doesn't Chu know that Women being evil is a sexist trope!? Do I need to remind him what SJWs did to Joss Whedon? They forced him out of Twitter for a little while by sending him tons of hate. (He denies that he left because of them, but the hate they sent is still real)

All jokes aside, WHY would they change a male villain into a female villain? The triumph of Jem and the Holograms seems bigger when they beat the evil ERIC Raymond, because he IS a man, because of the female empowerment themes that were in the 80s cartoon (not to mention that Christy Marx is a feminist, IIRC). Now with Eric becoming Erica we have an issue where Jem and the Holograms defeat another woman and it will likely receive a strong backlash from Jem fans and feminists. (Not all Jem fans are feminists and not all feminists are Jem fans so they're two separate groups with some being members of both.)

The director is incorporating fans' contributions into the movie, asking them to submit performance videos and sing the praises of the old cartoon for use as a sort of "crowdsourced Greek chorus."
The "Creativity Kickstarter" was basically to get FREE FOOTAGE TO USE IN THE MOVIE...
Suddenly Wiseau's Grand Opus is starting to look better...

The key for Chu was finding a way to explore the Jerrica/Jem dynamic in 2015. "How can you even have a secret identity with all this social media?" the director asks. "But then it dawned on us: Wait, everybody has a secret identity. The idea of 'Who are you really?' is more relevant today than ever.
"That's what inspired me to say, 'Let's roll the dice and try to make this movie.' "

That's how you get the Jerrica/Jem Dynamic done! But since the movie only had like $500 in budget, we get a low-budget crappy movie that is making Fan-Films look a lot better. When you have a borderline Magical Holographic Projector that can create Hard Light holograms via earrings, you can pretty much have a secret ID in 2015. With it both Jem and Jerrica could be seen at the same time and help hide the secret. Seeing as Synergy is a super advanced computer, it could easily manage Jem's facebook, twitter, etc. when Jerrica is NOT using them as Jem.

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