May 16, 2015

Fright Zone: The Rant:

How can this Horde Playset be made in Classics?
We have TWO VERY DISTINCT LOOKS for it and none of them is related to the other.

On one hand we have the Vintage Toy Fright Zone, which is a Tree, a hole for a puppet, some sort of cell and stairs. (Yes, I remember the floor trap.) 

On the Other hand we have the creepy Technological mess that kinda reminds me of a warped Midgar City from FFVII crossed with Monstorid that showed up on the cartoon.
I kinda have a way to reconcile both looks in my fan continuity, but the point is:

I think the Vintage toy one would be easier for Mattel to do, seeing that it is just a floor and 2 walls and is the second smallest playset (Slime Pit being the Smallest.) But on the other hand, the Vintage Toy is not as impressive as the Filmation Fright Zone. The Filmation Fright Zone would be a special thing. It can't be as big as shown in the cartoon, for obvious reasons. It could be roughly Grayskull sized. Not to mention that it COULD copy off some of Grayskull's play elements. Hordak's throne with a Trap Door for Mantenna on the second floor seems like a great idea. Especially if the Trapdoor leads to a Horde Dungeon (where rebel prisoners are kept.)

I cannot support a Hybrid because these two are so different. Which one should I pick?
It doesn't matter which one should I pick, because I'm not the one behind the toyline, but what matters is Which one would Mattel pick? Should they go for broke with the Filmation, or simply reproduce the toy but bigger?

To be honest, I expect Mattel to do the cheapest take on the Fright Zone. Unlike the Crystal Castle, where Mattel would HAVE to go Filmation for most appeal, on the Fright Zone they can get away with the toy version.

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