May 3, 2015

First official Suicide Squad Pic... Let's get Jiggy with it...

Ah, The Suicide Squad... A nice way to expand the DCCU by grouping a bunch of villains to do missions for the US Government...
I see a few Bat Foes, a Rogue and Will Freaking Smith...

There's only 3 characters I have an issue with:

-Killer Croc
-Will Smith playing Will Smith if Deadshot was Will Smith.

I guess I should elaborate.

Killer Croc: I like that he looks like a normal guy with a severe case of Harlequin ichthyosis and not a Lizard dude... The issue I have is that for this pic it looks more like a Jock cosplaying as Killer Croc than the Actual Killer Croc... I could blame his proximity to Varsity Jacket wearing El Diablo... but I don't give a rats ass about el Diablo... unless it's Al Pacino.

Harley: The CinemaSins guys would probably say something about the lack of a Harley Quinn Lapdance being a sin... I would agree with them, but that's not my beef with Harley... Now that has made me think: Harley Quinn Lapdance: Sexy or Terrifying?
This is Bubbles from PPG doing Harley Cosplay.
She KINDA fell a bit short of reaching Harley, but instead I have a Harley Fan cosplaying as Harley...

It almost looks like SS Harley is trying to look like she's cosplaying as Tara Strong cosplaying as Harley Quinn AND Juliet from Lollipop Chainsaw (Both voiced by Princess Pancake)

I HOPE that the powers that be allow Harley to don the Traditional Harley Outfit (B:TAS) because right now she looks a bit like a Juggalette... One sexy Juggalette...

Now to tackle the big one: Will Smith: Where can I start? The outfit looks good for Deadshot, but the only BAD thing is the guy wearing it.

I expect something like this, but Featuring 30 seconds to mars...

All jokes aside. I've no beef with Will Smith (aside his parenting skills, his douchey demeanor and the whole Janet Hubert issue in Fresh Prince) BUT, This is meant to be a blockbuster movie... AND Will Smith plays the same character when doing Blockbuster movies compared to Dramatic Will Smith, who is a decent actor.

The questions now are: Where is Jared Leto? What's this about Butt-Chin being in the movie? Also, WHY Will Smith?

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