May 4, 2015

It came from the toy chest: I'm just a puppet!?

That line seems a bit familiar.

Wait, whut? A Final Fantasy VII Themed It Came From the Toy Chest?

Someone has unleashed some monstrosities into this Earth by allowing me to get some Play Arts Final Fantasy VII Figures in my hands... With the advent of these figures... I got myself a Cloud

OK, TECHNICALLY SPEAKING this is a Dissidia: Final Fantasy figure, but is none other than Dissidia's take on Kuraudo Sutoraifu. AKA the little ShinRa MP prick who became a Zack Wannabe, but ended up beating up a Demigod 3 times. (2 in FFVII and once in FFVII AC)
So, why Cloud? Well it all comes back to October 11, 1997... One Month and Four days after Final Fantasy VII was released.

I was able to get the game that fateful day at 9:13 A.M. Due to unforseen circumstances, I ended up going to a concert so a ticket wasn't wasted. I reached home around 12:24 AM on the 12th. I played "just for 30 minutes" which meant, I had to stop at 5:30 AM, a few minutes before my mom woke up and went to sleep to not get caught. Half hour of sleep and I went back to it.

That's how I got hooked on the game. Eventually, the game would kill my Late 1970s early 1980s Quasar TV... with faux wood paneling on the sides. That Old TV had a Vertical and Horizontal hold manipulators... Something that in the pre-internet era was a godsend for horny teenage boys trying to watch illegal channels.  So, I had to be TV-less for a few weeks until I was given a newer TV. Then I played the hell out of that game... Did long into the PS2 Era when my original copy of the game died, so I had to buy the Greatest Hits version until my PS2 stopped reading PS1 Games. Then I got the PC Port via Digital River, but by that point I can't replay FFVII... I think I've beaten that game over 200 times since 1997. So, that explains my attachment to Cloud and company... even if FFVI is a better game.

So, yeah, Cloud is the Protagonist of FFVII, a Secret Character in Final Fantasy Tactics, Chocobo Racing, Ergheiz and stuff...

The Picture has a rundown on the Articulation. Sadly my Right Bicep is frozen and I cannot make it move at all... I won't force that joint because this is a Japanese Import and those tend to be WAY Expensive... The AC Cloud with the Separate Fusion Sword is over $100... So is the Red XIII, most Tifa and Aerith figures I've seen... Especially if looking for the FFVII look. I've seen Crisis Core Aerith going for cheap for a Play Arts Figure, but I'd rather have FFVII look for her. In Vincent, Red XIII or Sephiroth's cases, you can cheat since their AC counterparts are just the FFVII looks but more detailed. Just like Cloud's Dissidia Look, which is an AC-esque FFVII look. Have to say this I FREAKING LOVE the Revolver joints. and how a lot of Cloud's articulation is well hidden... Like the pants and the double joints or the dual ball joints on the abs.
For the score on Articulation: 4.5 because of the frozen joint. It's a VERY Important joint that helps pull off some of Cloud's key poses. (I kinda managed without it, but it was a pain in the ass)

Paint and Sculpt: 
 The sculpt is based on Cloud's Dissidia look, which I've mentioned before a few times.
He obviously looks way better than the 1997 Final Fantasy VII Look for him. I cannot compare him to past Cloud Figures BECAUSE this is my FIRST Cloud Figure. Unlike say, Squall, whose Dissidia look is a bit more different from his FFVIII look, Cloud is VERY close to his game look which is a great thing.
The paint on him is really tight. No visible slop on the paint. One neat thing that this figure has is his Translucent hair. It gives some life to his hair when light shines on it.

He has a pair of Extra "Loose grip hands" to go with the Tough grip to hold the rather heavy Buster Sword.

I finally found a way to sneak my custom me into the review. As you can see the sword dwarfs Fistos giant sword. Seriously, the sword is bigger than a MOTUC Figure... Now if I could get a Ghetto Florist Annihilating blade... That would be the ultimate Overcompensation weapon.

For a Japanese Figure, he seems to be lacking stuff.



Cloud here gets a 4.33 as his Final Score. It's not bad, but it could have been a bit better.
I keep hearing how Japanese toys come with stands, extra faces, Special attacks and all that stuff, but this Cloud is VERY Bare Bones... Then again, I got him for under $100, which is the cheapest I've seen AC Cloud with the Separate pieces of the Fusion swords... Sadly, the Play Arts toys seem to be on a scale of their own. Compatibility with non-Play Arts stuff.

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