May 22, 2015

It Came from the Toy Chest: Materia Girl

The internet has failed me... No FFVII themed parody of Madonna's Material Girl, starring Wutai's Single White Rose... I'm talking about the one and Only YUFFIE KISARAGI!! Final Fantasy VII's Second Hidden Character... The first one being Vincent Valentine formerly of the TURKS. Wait... Cloud, Yuffie, Vincent... I actually now have a PARTY OF THREE!! I could actually display all three of them against Sephiroth... If I get an Aerith... I could... But then I'd need some freaky tentacle like thing to simulate the dropping of a JENOVA piece... But I'd need to get an Aerith, and those are expensive as hell if I want the VII look... The CC look wouldn't work here... Then I'd need a Tifa and a Red XIII, because I like Tifa and Red XIII... I'd like to have a Barret, but he's in the Advent Children look...

So, Materia Hunter Yuffie is finally in my hands, sporting the FFVII look...


You can check out the pic with the detailed Articulation Rundown to see what she has. I have to commend Square Enix for trying to hide the Articulation points as much as possible. Sadly her hip articulation is a bit limited.

Paint and Sculpt:
The sculpt is really good, not only it helps hiding the POA, but she resembles Yuffie, as seen on the artwork of the game, but in 3D. She seems a bit paler, than I remember, but I'll chalk that up to the flesh colored plastic. Aside a dot on her lower lip, she seems to have no sloppy paints.

She has her Trusty Shuriken (with 2 Magic Materia slotted in the weapon) 4 extra hands and a stand. there is really not much to say here... But I'm an Aerith and a Tifa short of needing to get the FFVII Weapon pack... There is one of those... Then one for FFVIII and X figures.

My lack of Dead Ghetto Florists on this pic is disturbing.
Yuffie may not be perfect, but she's rather darn close. Her score of 4.67 is proof of that! Sadly, the Articulation was what knocked her down a few pegs. The Advent Children Yuffie seems to have a better range of Articulation, but damn my desire to own the figures that have the FFVII Look!
Good thing that Play Arts has no Chocobos for these figures... Otherwise I'd have to spend a lot of money on them... (One or two for my FF display, one for MOTUC me, one for my mom who happens to like chocobos... and I better stop before Squenix announces 18,230 yen Play Arts Kai Chocobos) But seeing my Play Arts FFVII Team grow is scary and awesome...
All I need is Tifa and Aerith in their VII Look and ANY Red XIII (I'd prefer the Game version because it comes with 1/2 of Cait Sith, but that sucker is expensive!!)
Also, resisting the urge to get a FFVIII Selphie. (I'm a Selphie fan)

Also, Yuffie's Shuriken looks sweet on Ninja Warrior!
Doesn't Ninjor look awesome?

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