May 15, 2015

Not even the Konami Code will save Konami from certain doom!

Konami is going down... They get rid of Kojima and now seem to want to focus mainly on mobile!?
It's a good thing that MGS V: The Phantom Pain is the final game of the series, so I can say goodbye forever to Konami (unless they make a Suikoden Collection...) because they are going to focus on mobile, the "Casual Platform"...  Remember Zynga? Well, seems that Konami is heading that way...

They could last a while in Japan... On the west? Well, here they are known for 3-4 things:
Metal Gear Solid, Castlevania, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Silent Hill. there's also Zone of Enders, Suikoden and Contra, but these are not as popular right now.

Mobile games tend to be one of 3 things:

-Ports of other older games (sometimes with redone graphics) sometimes with Pay to Play/Win crap added to it.
(Contra for mobile, or the ports of SNES Final Fantasy games kind of thing)
-"Free Games" that are full of Pay to Play/Win crap... Pay to speed up the waiting time, pay to get the popular characters, pay to get a red balloon. (Candy Crush types, Farmville types) Bonus points if they want you to spam facebook with crap from the game... almost as if it was a Facebook game, but it's not.

-Glorified Minigame/Companion app to an actual game. (Ground Zeroes Mother Base App, GTA V iFruit types)

The sad part is that I'd like a Mobile Yu-gi-Oh! game... The only problem is that I'd end up with a crappy game like Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM! which is a watered down version where

yup, you said it Koiba!

heh! seems like If this keeps going on (SEGA is no longer doing games that I'm interested in, Square is doing crappy games, Capcom is only keeping me barely interested in SF, Konami is going to mobile...) I may quit gaming or get a...

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