May 28, 2015

Aunt Becky will be in the Fuller House... and other stuff!

So we have DJ, Stephanie, Kimmy, Uncle Jesse, now Becky... All we are missing is Danny and Joey... Comet's probably dead and Michelle, they're being bitches about this. So, the show should kill them off screen. You shouldn't feel sorry about those dickweeds not being on the show, Mr. Stamos.

In the meantime this is the closest I've seen news related to Bob Saget...

Yeah, he really needs to do Fuller House... or at least let him back at America's Funniest Home Videos. Oh wait, they have CARLTON BANKS Hosting now? This might be interesting...

According to some of John Stamos' and Bob Saget's Tweets, Danny WILL BE on FULLER HOUSE... Only The Bitchsen twins are not doing the show.

In other unrelated news

The Goddamn Affleck! is in Suicide Squad! That is all... I mean it's not like WB is afraid of Suicide Squad doing well on its own so they are using the Goddamn Bat Crutch just in case... But more Batman the better, right?

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