May 6, 2015

It Came from the Toy Chest: If Cloud was more Emo, he'd be Vincent

But if Vincent was more Emo, he'd be Squall! Yes, I'm doing Vincent now, thanks to Miss M's Prize pack I'm now hooked on FFVII figures... I even tried to play my PC game again, but stupid ass Cloud Saving reverted me back to Junon from Corel... In any case here's the Advent Children version of the Former TURKS Agent, Vincent Valentine.

If you haven't played FFVII since the 1990s, well here's a recap on Vinny!

Former Agent of ShinRa's special Unit the TURKS. He was wounded by the mad scientist Hojo and was experimented on. To be fair, Hojo shot Vinny because he was going to butt in on the whole JENOVA/Human Hybrid Experiment with Hojo and Lucrecia... because he fell in love with Lucrecia and Hojo wanted to make a JENOVA/human hybrid the old fashioned way.
The Threequel to FFVII, Dirge of Cerberus expands on the whole experiment thing. Chaos being the Silver Surfer to Omega Weapon's Galactus.

Vincent is an Older figure (compared to Dissidia Cloud) and has more Traditional Articulation.
and I marked it on the pictures because he's not the standard figure I often review here... (MOTUC)

Due to his cloak, his Arm Articulation is hindered severily. His Thighs/hips are a bit painful to move.


Paint and Sculpt:
He looks less like the AC/DC version of Vincent... I mean Advent Children/Dirge of Cerberus and more like Traditional FFVII.
The details are there, including the gun with the 3 barrels and chain with the 3 headed dog on the butt of the gun.
There are no visible paint flaws on my Vincent.
clear bands are holding Cloud's blade


Vince gets a Stand, which is a good thing. A single extra Right hand to wield Cerberus vs. the default open hand.
Cerberus... that has a real chain for the pendant.

Vincent gets a 3.67 as his final score. It's a decent score for an older figure. the newer, more expensive and even more detailed Vincent blows this one out of the water, BUT I prefer this one because it's closer to his FFVII standard look.

Now looking for FFVII versions of the remaining characters is giving me a haato attaku... It's only the girls and Red XIII. No signs of a FFVII version of Barret... Only the AC version of him. I've not seen ANY version of Cid (Blonde Pilot from VII, who uses a Spear.)

The Kingdom Hearts versions of Sephiroth, who I have my reasons to get. OK it's to make N*Sync jokes... is untouchable...
Also KH Cloud is Vincent levels of Emo Cloud...
Pic below!

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