May 2, 2015

To them, I'm Oliver Queen. To the rest of Starling City, I'm someone else. I am something else.

The cat is out of the bag. We already knew this... As you can see on the pic, he is basically Arrow cosplaying as Casey Jones. I kinda dig it, but the nitpicking part of me is whining about the Ollie Queen Short hair, when Casey usually has longer hair... I'm not asking for the 2003 Long hair or Elias Koteas on the live action film.
I mean it looks nice, but Casey's 80s Wild Hair shows that he's a bit crazy. Much better fitting with the new edgier mask... I mean Look at the Lian Yu Flashbacks Oliver Queen: I'll provide a pic below so you save yourself a google search.

Take the Longer haired Stephen Amell and mentally dye his hair black. Add the Anime Hyperdetailed Mask to it and you have the PERFECT Casey Jones that fits the TAINT Universe...

The Mask I can accept since it FITS the New Movie Universe. I may not like the Turtles or Shredder, but Casey is the one looking closest to the source material.

That Short Hair kinda makes him look like Jason's younger Cousin... uh, Steve... who kills people who have premarital sex by using Sports Equipment on them.

 Now I KINDA want to see this movie a bit more... Let me remember the negatives, so I can resist... Megan Fox, Michael Bay, the Shreks, Megatron Shredder, Madea as Baxter Stockman!!

But, this movie is promising to give us things that the 90s movies couldn't... ARRRGGGH!!!

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