May 17, 2015

Jason David Frank wants to kick CM Punk's ass for free!

I've mentioned before the whole JDF challenging CM Punk thing... Then I did it again when CM Punk denied hearing about the Challenge issued by the Power Ranger who loses to a Candle.

JDF responds to CM Punk's latest antics and challenges him to a fight

Do you have any Idea what this means? The Green MMPR, White MMPR, Red Zeo and Turbo PR, and Black Dino Thunder PR has challenged CM PUNK to fight and wants NO MONEY for the battle. This means that CM Punk has two options:

-Decline the fight and look like a coward, because he's afraid of a Power Ranger.

-Accept the fight and may the best fighter win.

It's obvious why CM Punk won't fight Jason David Frank. He hasn't had any fights in the UFC and losing to a Power Ranger would kill his UFC career faster than JDF could say it's Morphin' time! 

But, on the other hand, fighting and beating JDF, would give a bit of a boost to CM Punk to what is like to fight on MMA, which is very different from fighting on SmackDown! or Raw.

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