May 9, 2015

MOTU Art book Review

Reviewing an Art Book of He-Man is a daunting task.
Especially if I talk ill about the book, I'll have a He-Man sized man break me...

So, Buy the damned book or else Dolph Lundgren will break you!

OK, he will not personally go and break you, but you should get the book. It's a nice collection of art and some info regarding the art of He-Man through the ages.

Yes, there is a section on it where Scott Neitlich talks about MOTU, because whether you like him or not, he IS part of MOTU History.

I mention the Neitlich part because before the book was out there was a discussion about it on facebook and some dude was bitching and moaning about the book having the involvement of Val Staples (from the 2002 comics) and Scott Neitlich in it he was NOT going to buy the book. To me this is not a reasonable choice to not get the book, but it's his choice. Don't be like him, you'll miss out on a 93% great book. There's a lot of great stuff in that book, except the final chapter of the book that I disliked. The chapter is called The Evolution of a Universe.
On this chapter we see a section where Mattel is throwing out sketches of ideas about He-Man and where to take the brand. Many of the sketches and ideas MISS the point of MOTU. (Then again, Mattel kinda missed the point of MOTU during their New Adventures development era, which can be seen on the book.)

There is very little on the PoP and New Adventures areas of the book, which is a shame... New Adventures has ZERO art pieces from the cartoon and that's a shame.
Aside that, the book has a lot of stuff that you will enjoy if you're a MOTU fan.

Note: I am in no way associated with the publishers of the book and no, I do not get any money for promoting the book. I have spoken and/or had written communication with many of the contributors on the book due to them being members of's forums and/or Hemanworld's forums. Some have even been guests on Council of the First Ones and Emiliano Santalucia from the Power and Honor Foundation has corrected me on some erroneous Information that I've said on a past rant.

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