May 12, 2015

Hideo Kojima triggers people!

Waiting until September 1st is killing me! 112 more days until The Phantom
Pain... Well, Play Arts Kai does the MGSV figures...

People (mainly SJW-types) have been triggered by this Quiet Action figure that happens to have softer material on her breasts that allow a more realistic depiction of them (seeing that they can be pushed and lifted, according to Kojima).

The SJW brigade went in full outrage mode, because they only have full outrage mode as the way to reply. I'm guessing that most of them are not action figure collectors. They quickly think SEX, SEXIST, SOGGY KNEES, PAY TREE ARE KEY! and miss out on what this means from an action figure collector's point of view.

What is that point of view? More realistic sculpts and poses. Before anyone tries to bring in 100% anatomically correct toys with properly working sex organs, stop. Breasts are rather soft in real life. This softer Material for them would allow more realistic poses without two Hard mounds of plastic getting in the way. I see the potential in this. Can you picture softer biceps  that would react to the elbow being bent Or pectorals on male figures reacting to the arms and allowing for better poses like say a Barbarian gripping a sword with two hands.
Eventually we could reach a point where Figures become mostly Seamless WITHOUT relying on bendy wire skeletons. That would be a great advance for Action figures, not this SJW whinefest.

I love comments that state that no one over 13 years of age would be interested in a feature like that...

I honestly want to know what 13 year old has enough disposable income to buy a $100+ figure (+S&H) from a game that hasn't hit stores yet. This Action Figure will not be sold at most stores, just like most Play Arts toys it will be online only or on some specialty stores (and resold at redonkulous prices by your Local Comic Book Shop.)

This is what bugs me the most about these people: The bitch, whine, throw fits about things that are IRRELEVANT in the grand scheme of things. They call themselves "activists" and "people who try to make the world a better place", yet they're whining about ACTION FIGURES AND VIDEOGAMES!!!

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