May 22, 2015

You don't got it dude! (A Fuller House rant)

None of the Olsen Twins will reprise their role as Michelle... Who was surprised about this?

Seriously? Did anyone actually expected the Olsen Twins to appear? You know what? They should simply kill Michelle... There I said it! Not Misogyny, but acknowledging that the Olsens don't give a damn about Full House, so kill them in a gruesome way that they can never come back... That way Full(er) House can say: "You don't care about what made you famous, well Begone foul beasts!" or something...

Well, the people behind this Youtube video are geniuses!! I think I'd love to see the entire series WITHOUT Michelle... Screw You Olsen Douches!

The new Characters for Fuller House have been Described...

Apparently, the Eldest child, JD (Jessie Daniel) is like a mini Jesse.
Max, the Youngest child (until DJ spits out the baby) is a mini Danny.

Kimmy's daughter is well, I'll copy-paste now:
RAMONA 12-13 years old-Ramona is bi-racial, passionate, sharp-tongued, tough, kooky, a drama queen. Ramona considers herself Latina and has fully embraced her Latin heritage even though she is half-white. Living with thewhite-bread Tanners is totally lame.
Ramona is bright, but not into school. She’s obsessed with her friends, boys, fashion, being cool, social media and taking pics every second of every day. Ramona worships her Dad, but resents Mom for breaking up the family, even though Dad is a troublemaker. She is experiencing the trials and tribulations of being a teenage girl, and the mood swings that come along as a result.
Where to start... This description is idiotic... MANY LATINOS ARE FRIGGING WHITE... I'M SUPER PASTY for crying outloud. If it wasn't for my accent and that I no longer have a mullet, I could pass for a freaking redneck! So, the Half-White, Half Latina is kinda wrong. The correct term would be Half Gringa Half Latina... If we want to get Technical... Now, I hope that actress chosen for the character has actual Latin American roots and is able to at least speak Spanish Fluently in order to be allowed to ad-lib some lines in Spanish whenever her character has "a teenage girl mood swing" and goes into "sassy Latina mode". Also, she's going to be berating Kimmy all the time? Ugh! Fake drama alert...

Oh crap! I realize something: JD and Ramona are going to be roughly the same age, they are not related and they're teenagers living under the same roof... If this wasn't in the Full House Universe, I'd expect this to turn into a Teen Mom Scenario.

Lifetime wants to make a Full House movie, just like the Saved by the Bell movie...

WHY!? Wasn't the SBTB movie criticized for being inaccurate to the real events and based on a book that even Screech had to accept it was inaccurate,

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