May 24, 2015

Jaden puts a shock to your system!?

According to the guy from Everybody Hates Chris and older brother to the star from Disney's Lab Rats, we're getting Static Shock in the form of Horrible Child and Actor, son to Horrible Parents and star of the Horrible Remake of Karate Kid, Jaden Smith...

I have to ask myself... WHY OH WHY WAS JADEN SMITH cast as Static? (if this story is true)

Wait... Spike! Are you trying to say that Jaden got that shot at Static because of his dad?
Because if you are, then we're thinking the same thing...
Well, it's not on IMDB... Hopefully this is not going to happen, but IMDB has revealed an uglier bit of news...
The Horrible Remake of Karate Kid is indeed getting a sequel... News have gone as far as 2014, but damn!
 There is only one silver lining on this... If this is true AND the Trivia section is correct, then

SWEEP THE LEG JOFFREY! might be the next big meme!!

But still! This is more of Will Smith punishing us by shoving his not quite as talented son in our faces...

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