May 1, 2015

It Came from the Toy Chest: Please Recycle these Trashcans

this is a standard figure card.
Myaah!! I'm talking about Skeletor's Ro-Butt Knights or Hover Robots.
Filmation's cannon fodder for He-Man to destroy due to vestiges of Censorship from the 70s gave us these floating trash cans.

Like the Horde Troopers for Hordak, the Toyguru Clone Army for King Randor, the Snake Men for King Hssss, these robots are an Army Builder for Skeletor. They were supposed to show up on various cons that Mattel would attend to throughout the year. Subscribers got a chance at them last month. There was a Limit for 2 per order, but some fans found a hole on Digital River's system that allowed people to increase the limit.

These guys have less Articulation than Orko. The head rotates left to right, so does the wrist due to the Interchangeable hands, the elbows are similar to Hasbro's "Elbrows" and ball jointed shoulders. The end. 3.0

Paint and Sculpt:
Due to them being Filmation in origin, their designs are simplistic and the Four Horsemen captured the look perfectly. The paint on these is minimal. One cool bit is the Lenticular sticker on them.

Extra hands (x6) stands (x3) and a Sticker sheet. Remember that it's 3 per pack, so it's basically 2 extra hands , a stand and 1/3 of stickers per robot. The stickers are a bitch to take out. I ruined one sticker by trying to take it out of the sheet and decided not to bother with putting it on the robot. They WILL get ruined with use as most stickers are. The idea was good on paper. (at least it's better than the Horde Troopers issue.

The hands pop off at the wrist and you can change the closed claw for the fanblade open hand or vice versa.

The stands are fully clear this time, but the bade is more narrow. This makes the Robots fall very easily.



The Hover Robot 3 pack gets a 3.33 as the overall score.Personally I'm underwhelmed.
Loo-Kee feels heavier than the Hover Robot.
They are Roughly the same size as Orko, with LESS Articulation than Orko. They were made with less pieces than Orko and the molds have seen reuse, seeing as these are a 3 Pack of the same figure.
 The hands seem very limited for what this item is.
The $35 + Shipping and Handling pricetag makes them a bit too painful. ($11.67+ 1/3 Shipping cost per robot)

Then me being the idiot I am ended up getting 2 sets. (It made the overall cost per robot and shipping a bit cheaper)
It starts to look better when you have MORE Robots around, but I feel that this being simply a set of 3 robots actually Hurt it a bit more... Or maybe that's just me being hurt at Mattel not doing a Skelcon + Slime Pit Bone Mutant for Skeletor's Army Builder and tossing in one of these as an extra.

Unlike Horde Troopers or Snakemen (who totally need a redeco if revisited) I don't think I need more than the two sets I got.

To be honest, I am having more buyer's remorse than the Comet Warriors and Spirit of Hordak...
Not even Nostalgia can help me here... I mean, these are the MOUSERS of MOTU...

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